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Style SEEN: Ivido Jeans Fashion Show

Ivido Jeans-13

On Friday, January 31st, LuvnGrace Entertainment hosted the Ivido Jeans fashion show at the Waterfall Building. Ivido Jeans is a brand of push-up jeans designed in Vancouver and manufactured in the South American country of Colombia – the same place where hip-shaking songstress Shakira also hails from.

The show had a late start, leaving the crowd in much anticipation of the night’s entertainment. Once Magdalena Lima, designer of Maggie Fu Fashion and Zumba instructor extraordinaire, came on stage with a dynamic Zumba routine, she got everyone swaying in their seats.

Afterwards, when the models started coming out, there was immediately a sense the positive feedback from the crowd. Many people oohed and ahhed at the interesting blue hues of the denim, and of course commented on how good the girls’ assets looked in the jeans.

Ivido Jeans-18

Halfway through the show, two models even demonstrated exactly how much stretch Ivido Jeans actually have. They sashayed up and down the runway, bending, stretching, and finally performing the splits in the jeans!

Another highlight of the show was when Ivido founder Ivis Gonzalez performed a traditional dance routine with a gentleman, portraying the flirtatious dance of two lovers getting together.

Ivido Jeans-31

When asked about what exactly pushes up the jeans, Ivis told us that it’s simply in the way that the pattern is cut. This surprised us as we would have easily placed a bet on a padded seat.

Now this definitely intrigues us to go try on a pair ourselves! The Ivido boutique can be found at 638 West Broadway in Vancouver.

Words by Miranda Sam

Photography by DesireeAnne Holder

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Style SEEN: Madame Moje Grand Opening Fashion Show

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The Madame Moje boutique on South Granville launched its Grand Opening party in style. Working the catwalk were members from the Cast of The Real Housewives of Vancouver and Miss Calabria. Robin Reichman opened the show with my favourite piece from the Spring Summer 2013 collection – a flirty feminine lace-top dress with ruffled cap sleeves and pencil skirt. Ioulia Reynolds, Skye Lintott, and Miss Calabria Chiara Guzzo made waves on the pink runway. And Reiko Mackenzie worked the crowd with her sexy and confidant walk.

Woman about town, Frances Hui, was in attendance, as well as Fashion TV Host, Mandy Ross and stylist Crystal Carson. After the show, guests were treated with macaroons and cake pops in ‘Madame Moje purple.’

One of our favourite looks of the night by a gentleman was Stylist Felix Tavira. He mixed it up with a Joe Fresh Blazer and Marni Shorts. And as for the ladies, we loved designer Dominque Hanke’s red hot one-piece that she picked up at Jennyfleur Loves.

If you haven’t done so already, be sure to stop by Madame Moje at 2843 Granville Street to try the amazing designs on yourself.

Photos by Aurora Chan

Words by Miranda Sam

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Holt Renfrew Presents: Donna Karan New York Pre-Fall 2013

Hal Rubenstein and Lisa Tant

Holt Renfrew hosted a special sneak peek Donna Karan Pre-Fall 2013 fashion show on July 10th inside the downtown Vancouver store.  The show was introduced by Holt’s VP Fashion Editor Lisa Tant, as well as special guest Hal Rubenstein, editor at large at InStyle Magazine.  The tanned and smartly dressed Rubenstein acted as representative for the Donna Karan brand and shared its philosophy and design concepts. Karan understands and relates to the needs of real women and that informs how she designs each item and what fabrics she chooses.  Rubenstein called her creations ‘value pieces’ as they are meant to work for you as hard as you do and for many years.

True to Rubenstein’s word, the show featured subtle, streamlined pieces in subdued blacks, browns, greys, burgundy, and navy which looked like they were meant to be long-lasting staples in your wardrobe, both versatile for a variety of occasions and easy to travel with.

In addition to the focus on Donna Karan, Rubenstein also sprinkled his talk with plenty of inspirational gems of advice and observations worth taking to heart:

  1. Each woman is special and unique in her beauty; discover and revel in this rather than feeling inadequate because you don’t look like a certain celebrity.
  2. Don’t follow trends. Follow what looks good on you.  Follow what makes you feel good. (hurrah!)
  3. Don’t listen to what fashion editors tell you what to wear.  Turn to the ones around you who love and appreciate things about you that you may not even be aware of, like your spouse, children, mother, etc.
  4. Dress everyday like as if you’re going to run into that someone you dated back in high school. (yes!)
  5. Wear your clothes; don’t let your clothes wear you.  Once you’ve put on your outfit for the day, you shouldn’t have to think about it anymore.
  6. Always show your waist.  Belts are your friend.
  7. Every woman should own jersey.  It fits and flatters every body type. (This one I’m a bit unsure about.  Jersey is comfortable and doesn’t require ironing, hugs every curve; however, it also hugs every lump n’ bump.  I like clothes that hug more discriminately.) 
  8. You are only as wide as the width of your clothes.  If you wear a tent, you’ll look like one.
  9. Sorry ladies, but shoes with heels are simply sexier than flats, especially with a dress.
  10. Try flirting more; you’ll get a lot further than texting.

Words + Photos by Aurora Chan

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BE SCENE: Concert Fashion – tonight!

FREEDOM 2008 features a “concert” setting with a 48 foot runway extension, dazzling lights, stunning musical sensations and a wave of red-carpet fashion glamour all i one extravagant night! With 100 breath-taking outfits, a production team of over 70 and sizzling musical showcases from the best artists in town, this is definitely one of the largest highlights for this summer!

Freedom Concert Fashion

Freedom Concert Fashion

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BE SCENE : Shakti Fashion Show – tonight!

Shakti Fashion Show

Eco-friendly designers Baljit Rayat and Nektar Designs will showcase their clothing collaborations along with fashions influenced by sacred geometry and fractal energy. More information at 604-688-3714,  bkrayat@yahoo.ca

Aug. 20, 2008 , 7-9 pm

Le Marrakech Moroccan Bistro @ 52 Alexander St

Free admission

Source: Georgia Straight Time Out Events



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