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Style SEEN: Ivido Jeans Fashion Show

Ivido Jeans-13

On Friday, January 31st, LuvnGrace Entertainment hosted the Ivido Jeans fashion show at the Waterfall Building. Ivido Jeans is a brand of push-up jeans designed in Vancouver and manufactured in the South American country of Colombia – the same place where hip-shaking songstress Shakira also hails from.

The show had a late start, leaving the crowd in much anticipation of the night’s entertainment. Once Magdalena Lima, designer of Maggie Fu Fashion and Zumba instructor extraordinaire, came on stage with a dynamic Zumba routine, she got everyone swaying in their seats.

Afterwards, when the models started coming out, there was immediately a sense the positive feedback from the crowd. Many people oohed and ahhed at the interesting blue hues of the denim, and of course commented on how good the girls’ assets looked in the jeans.

Ivido Jeans-18

Halfway through the show, two models even demonstrated exactly how much stretch Ivido Jeans actually have. They sashayed up and down the runway, bending, stretching, and finally performing the splits in the jeans!

Another highlight of the show was when Ivido founder Ivis Gonzalez performed a traditional dance routine with a gentleman, portraying the flirtatious dance of two lovers getting together.

Ivido Jeans-31

When asked about what exactly pushes up the jeans, Ivis told us that it’s simply in the way that the pattern is cut. This surprised us as we would have easily placed a bet on a padded seat.

Now this definitely intrigues us to go try on a pair ourselves! The Ivido boutique can be found at 638 West Broadway in Vancouver.

Words by Miranda Sam

Photography by DesireeAnne Holder

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Eco Fashion Week 2013: The Scene

Team Sbf @ Eco Fashion Week

Team Sbf @ Eco Fashion Week

Although I have attended the sustainability seminars in the past 2 seasons, this was Style by Fire’s official first time attending the Eco Fashion Week runway shows. They were amazing, and so were all the fabulous fashion folks we met in between the shows. Of course, we always love seeing Marilyn Wilson, who’s always connecting us with the crowd, and we love her for that. We finally met Jennifer Gray, owner of Jennyfleur Loves boutique in Yaletown, and Nicolette Lang Anderson, aka NLA Stylist. Memorable moments include interviewing Tammy Joe, who debuted her first re-worked vintage collection, Young Oak, this season at EFW.

I love the production of EFW and all the eco-centric values it stands for, one of the things I do miss is running onto the runway right after the show to take pictures with everyone. I’m crossing my fingers that in a future season to come, us fashion brats will get that luxury. Until next time I’ll do my part by a) only buying things I love and will wear, b) keep the cash in Canada (difficult, but it must be done), and c) buy less to accomplish a goal (ie buy a nice down vest for work instead of buying a vast array of sweaters).

xo, Miranda

Photos by Aurora Chan

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Eco Fashion Week 2013: My Sister’s Closet, TildArt, Twigg&Hottie

My Sister’s Closet

My Sister’s Closet first opened in the 1990s as a means to connect with community —providing free clothing to women and families escaping domestic violence, unable to return home and needing to start anew. They return to eco-fashion week for the 3rd time this season. The collection titled,“Fearless,” was curated by nine women, including two artisans who have designed unique pieces for the event.

I must say, I was super impressed with the styling. The ladies curated such a creative collection, and I had overheard many conversations during and after the show that would support my personal opinion. The stylists were smart to style the vintage pieces with a rebellious theme, that way they were able to layer in pieces in unexpected ways. The last look was a wedding gown paired with body and face chains. Who would have thought that such a look could be pulled off elegantly? A wide variety of cheery pop-rocker songs, like “I Love Rock n Roll” and Pink’s “So What” played in the background. I felt the styling was done to perfection even more so when I saw the collection afterwards on hangers. I simply could not have imagined styling the outfits like that. Great work, ladies, and we hope you show at Eco Fashion Week next year!


Hungarian designer Matild Janosi flew from across the pond to show TildArt, her non-fabric material collection, at Eco Fashion Week. The show was split into two distinct sections: the first used re-purposed materials that looked like rubber tires (the first model brought a bicycle with her down the runway – hint?) and the second was like a surreal film noir fantasy with looks decorated with old-school film strips. To be honest, I didn’t think much of the first collection. Call me eco fashion ignorant, but I couldn’t see how women would like to wear what looked to me like rubber on their bodies. However, I felt like Janosi really turned the show around with the film strip collection. She really worked with way how film flexes and the curved lines it creates. I thought it was creative, cute, and would have worn the dresses to a fancy event like a film festival gala.  And I’m sure everyone was in awe of the glowing jellyfish-like hats.

After the show, Marilyn Wilson asked Janosi if she had packed the film strips separately and had assembled them when she arrived in the city. Of course I had never even thought of that issue. But immediately after learning that her answer was affirmative, I felt that the collection was that much more delightful. Overall, a very playful collection, and I’d I’d like to see Janosi work with non-fabric materials as the base layers in future collections.

Twigg & Hottie

Twigg & Hottie celebrated their 10th year anniversary with the Eco Fashion Week audience as the closing show of the week. Glencora Twigg, Christine Hotten, and Jessica Vaira’s combined efforts, We3, was shown as well as a variety of other local, Canadian, and sustainable brands. The collection was divided into 3 sections to represent the boutique through The Past, The Present, and The Future. For looks in the past, a grad project by one of the owners was shown. There were some really interesting cuts in a few dresses, exactly the type of craftsmanship I expect from this established Main Street boutique. What we have listed as the 18th and 25th images were stellar. Though there isn’t a back picture of #18, I’ll let you know that the denim extends all the way up to her cover her entire back. Is that not genius or what? For #25, you definitely need to see it in action; the way the circular hem flows is quite heavenly. Congrats to Twigg&Hottie and we hope there are many more wonderful decades for you ladies to celebrate!

Photos by Aurora Chan

Words by Miranda Sam

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Hot Fall Looks From Holt Renfrew at FLARE Magazine’s World Runway Tour

Holt Renfrew Fashion Show

Aurora & I had the opportunity to attend the FLARE Magazine World Runway Tour, and the fashions were fabulous! Looks from Holt Renfrew and Pacific Centre were shown on the runway. A full article will be updated in this post soon… we jus wanted to get the pics to you ASAP!

Pacific Centre Fashion Show

FLARE Magazine World Runway Tour Attendees

Photos by Aurora Chan

Words by Miranda Sam

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Be SCENE: FLARE World Runway Tour

FLARE World Runway Tour logo

We received word that the 2nd annual FLARE World Runway Tour has been sold out! Aurora & I will be attending this event tonight, and will be updating you guys on the latest looks from Holt Renfrew. FLARE’s editors, Miranda Purves, Tiyana Grulovic, and Truc Nguyen will be there. We can’t wait to meet these sharp editors, as well as everyone else in the fashion community.

FLARE World Runway Tour



  • Date | Tuesday, October 1st
  • Time | 7pm
  • Location | Pacific Centre Rotunda

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Vancouver Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2014: Ha Sang Beg, Hong Kiyoung, Kaye Morales

Ha Sang Beg

Hong Kiyoung

Kaye Morales

The final day of VFW saw an eclectic mix of international award winning designers, from funky fun to mature elegance.  The designer to end the week was Filipino designer Kaye Morales.  A graduate of Manila’s School of Fashion and the Arts with a background in production and interior design, Morales’ collection for Spring/Summer 2014, called “Debauchery,” was decidedly dark and gothic.  The first model down the runway was carrying a bloodied skull; subsequent models wore symbolic crowns of thorns and fetish-inspired spiky headpieces.  The colour scheme was solidly based in black, blood red, and gold.  A dramatic ending to an amazing week of fashion.

Style by Fire had a fabulous time meeting new designers, bloggers, editors and fans throughout the week, as well as catching up with old friends.  Our passion for fashion was re-ignited by the spectrum of creativity shown and can’t wait for the next week of mayhem to commence again in six months’ time!

Photos and Words by Aurora Chan

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Off the Runway: Models, Designers & Editors

Day 4 at Vancouver Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2014 edition was definitely one of the best! Not only were the shows fantastic, the crowd was looking very good too.

We got a chance to meet Samantha Skelly, editor of Vancouver Lifestyles Magazine, hang out with Marilyn Wilson, editor of Raine Magazine, chat with model Rosemary Manso about her thoughts on Noe Bernacelli‘s collection (she loves it, btw), feel the fabric of my favourite Veejay Floresca wedding gown, and interview Peruvian couture designer Noe Bernacelli.

And might I also add, Aurora & I looked pretty hot ourselves ;)

Photos by Aurora Chan | Words by Miranda Sam

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Vancouver Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2014: Dong De Xi, Aloysius Liew, Veejay Floresca and more

Dong De Xi

The evening began with Dong De Xi’s white confection of femininity.  The very wearable outfits consisted of a winning combination of structural pieces overlaid by a gauzy sheer covering.  Feminine touches were also added in the form of ruffled necklines and cute ruffled foot coverings which brought me back to my childhood when I wore frilly short socks.  Such simple accessories provided the cherry on top to the outfits.  A solid collection.

Aloysius Liew

Aloysius Liew‘s talent at fashion designing began early.  At 19 he was talent scouted and won his first competition with his womens’ wear illustration designs.  He then won a scholarship to study at the prestigious Central Saint Martins in London.  He later interned at both Victor & Rolf and Alexander McQueen.  His collection at VFW reaped the benefits of his impressive background – each outfit was a thing of architectural beauty.  He is a master at handling fabrics, knowing their properties and how they fall on the body.  Sleek, modern, innovative; Liew has a bright future ahead of him.


In the mix we have…

  •  Amanda Designs: Her bridal line ended with a surprise, with model Philip walking down the runway in a black wedding gown.
  • Heiress Swimwear: Nicole Courchaine’s funky swimwear line had lots of neon piping for SS14. The bikinis could double as 80s and 90s-inspired midriff bearing tops.
  • Itala Testino: Itala’s latest collection was inspired by the Caribbean sea, perfect for resort wear.
  • Uwi Twins: This dynamic duo from Vancouver showed both mens and women’s collections at VFW

Veejay Floresca

Veejay Floresca is a bridal designer from the Phillipines who actually didn’t intend to make bridal his business. But because the gowns became the best-sellers after his shows, he says, “It’s really a calling.” Well-known for creating textured and detailed gowns, his Spring/Summer 2014 collection attested to the fact; models coming down the runway swooshed in full-skirted gowns with layer upon layer of ruffled fabric. Though the designer is based in the Philippines and San Francisco, his clientele come from around the world. Will you be a Floresca Bride?

Photos by Aurora Chan

Words by Aurora Chan and Miranda Sam

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Vancouver Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2014: Angela Huang, No Label Society Club, Evan Clayton, Dandilion Wind Opaine

Angela Huang

This year marks Angela Huang‘s debut at Vancouver Fashion Week… as well as her third year in the Fashion Design Program at Kwantlen University. I’m sure right now you’re as astounded as I was! When the first few models came down the runway, all I could think about was how architectural her work is. Indeed, her minimalist lifestyle and passion for architecture have influenced her design aesthetic. All you had to do was check out her Twitter feed after the show to see how genuinely well received her debut collection was.

No Label Society Club

Aurora & I both agreed that No Label Society Club was among our top designers for the evening. It must have been the gas masks that caught our attention, but it was the impeccable attention to detail that we appreciated. When the subtle things like asymmetrical hems and interesting panels were paired with the perfect finishing touches – from bags of his own design down to the shoes – we knew this was a designer to watch. Drew Kessler’s high-end street wear takes cues from non-conformity ideas like zeitgeist and is inspired by events like the Occupy movement. The name “No Label Society Club” is what you think it is – a rejection of materialism. Drew Kessler is based in LA and had his label after graduating from Woodbury College earlier this year.

Evan Clayton

Judging by the applause from the audience before the show began, Evan Clayton was likely one of the most anticipated shows of the evening. With his debut collection at VFW shocking the crowd with masks, blood, and gothic darkness, he returned to this season with a lighter touch. Although just as revealing, if not more, somehow his pieces looked like wearable couture. In my mind, I thought that if you wore the sheer bell sleeved pantsuit with the right tank top and shorts you’d be good to go, even if you were to just wear it to, say, a fashion show. I think there’s so much potential in this young designer, and I look forward to seeing what he comes up with next season.

Dandilion Wind Opaine

When the first model barefooted and dragging a giant leafy branch down the catwalk, it became readily apparent that the brains behind Dandilion Wind Opaine is a beautiful earth child with a whimsical and vivid imagination.  With a background in music, and having been on stage with the likes of Florence + the Machine, you can see how she treats her shows more like a theatrical performance. Each outfit was more fantastical than the last, with a sly sense of humour thrown in.  The climax was when a model crawled down the catwalk with a tremendously long white veil trailing behind her, carried by pairs of black-clad models, crossing fashion with performance art.  What an inspiring way to end the night.

Photos by Aurora Chan

Words by Aurora Chan and Miranda Sam

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Vancouver Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2014: LaSalle College, Behene, Vivid Haiku Meroe, The Unified Theory

LaSalle College

LaSalle College is a post-secondary institution with an international presence, having eighteen campuses in such countries as Morocco, Algeria, and Indonesia.  They offer programs in various design arenas, including fashion, jewellery, graphic design and interior design.  Vancouver Fashion Week was an opportunity for four of the top fashion design students chosen from the LaSalle network to unveil their creations to the public: Carolina Rojas, eeS. Jay, Jenna Cotton, and Jesper Annerstedt.  They had a large LaSalle team in the front row cheering them on.  Congratulations to them all and best wishes for their burgeoning careers!


Behene’s take on modern Indian fashion really struck a chord with what I personally adore (so obviously I’m biased here). The use of pale gold on a black lace dress was stunning, as well as golden embroidery on cream harem pants. I feel that the collection could have been lightened up without the fur trim, seeing as it is a spring/summer collection. But overall, the collection showed a unique perspective, modernizing what we would normally expect from images of Bollywood, wedding saris, and the more casual salwars.

Vivid Haiku Meroe

Yahwea Meroe released a line of what looks to be babydoll inspired dresses. Two words that capture her style are: organic and romantic. Pale pink rose petals flow with movement on three dresses’ skirts, while petal-like ruffles decorate the bodices of nearly every other dress. Because the dresses aren’t exactly a bridal white, Vivid Haiku Meroe would be a perfect choice for attending weddings or tea parties.

The Unified Theory

The show started off with a bang! Well, visually, but silently. Model Rachel Sargeant opened The Unified Theory show with a rifle in tow, completing the “minimalist and honest” prairie girl look as described by designer Sara Bayley. And I agree that her collection is pared-down minimalism, but as a whole, is very much cohesive while telling a strong story. I imagine the story of a girl who may look like she leads a simple lifestyle, but she definitely has some serious skills up her sleeve.

Photos by Aurora Chan

Words by Aurora Chan and Miranda Sam


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