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The BE Skin Bar Experience

Aurora & I were treated to facials at the new Bare Essentials Skin Bar (aka BE Skin Bar) in downtown. Owner Amy Sahota worked on my skin while “skintender” Shantelle helped Aurora. The first thing we did upon arrival was to fill out an extensive survey not only about our skin but about our behaviours, actions, and goals. Some unexpected questions include: Rate your stress level; Do you have a tendency to redness; How much water do you consume weekly; and what are your skin care goals?

After the ladies got a good idea of how our skin is like, we were treated to the Vantini, BE’s signature target treatment that resurfaces, smoothes, and brightens skin. In the facial cocktail mix was hydroxy acids to lift away dead skin cells, lactic acids to stimulate cell renewal, and peptides to prevent aging. Amy suggests this to anyone who hasn’t gotten a facial in a while because it’s their deepest exfoliation treatment

During my 30 minute Vantini, Amy walked me through my skin type, what my daily skin regimen at home should be, and analyzed the 14 different zones on my face. She also gave me advice on parts of my skin with pigmentation, suggesting Dermologica’s Chromo White trx C12 Concentrate ($117.00) and Chromo White try Extreme C ($110.50). I loved how I had found a solution to my pigmentation, but decided that if I were to go through with this consistent regiment, I’d wait until fall.
When asked about her recommendation for Style by Fire readers to protect their skin from summer sun, Amy says the solution lies in hydration! If you’re interested in Dermologica products, this is her skin care tip: “On a clean, damp face, apply a few drops of Skin hydrating booster, then apply Age smart MultiVitamin Power Recovery Masque for 10-15 minutes (loaded with vitamins A C E and F) twice a week. Hydrated skin needs less make up too, perfect time saver.”
Photos by Aurora Chan
Words by Miranda Sam

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