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Barcelona Designer Nerea Lurgain Pops Up at Woo To See You

Nearea Lurgain-2

This past Saturday, February 1st was the only day that Nerea Lurgain made an appearance at the pop-up shop hosted at Woo To See You boutique, the sole Vancouver stockist of the Barcelona designer.

Nearea Lurgain-4

Nerea showed a sneak peek of her Spring/Summer 2014 collection. The designer is known for her looser-fitting garments with touches of detail that aren’t too subtle but don’t shout at onlookers either. In contrast to her dark Perthes inspired collection for Fall/Winter 2013, splashes of colour are featured this time around. The collection is made up of tie-dyed pieces in black overlaid with a brighter colour. The patterns range from exotic animal-inspired prints to what the designer calls Jackson Pollock-inspired abstract designs.

What struck me when I first visited Woo a few weeks ago was that every other piece I picked up was by Nerea Lurgain. There’s something unique about her designs that stand out to a shopper seeking interesting items. Take for example this high-low shirt in a passionate red: it has a zipper in the back allowing the shirt to be worn as a tighter or looser fit. With the zipper undone, the hardware adds interest to the back of the shirt. With it zipped up when I tried it on, even though it was very loose fitting on the bottom, the bust area felt nice and snug. If this shirt is any indication of Nerea’s design skills, I’d have to say she’s a master at engineering clothing for a woman’s body.

Nearea has been designing her eponymous label for 6 years, but before that she was a painter, teacher, and had even worked in finance. When asked whether it was a big jump for her from finance to fashion, she said it was quite natural. Nerea took sewing lessons at night while working with numbers in the day. Indeed, having a strong financial background helps any creative person in business.

In Barcelona, she sells her designs at a boutique in partnership with two other designers. They also carry an array of Spanish designers at the shop. You can also find her clothing in Denmark, Japan, and the Netherlands.

We can’t wait for the Nerea Lurgain collection to pop up for spring at Woo To See You!

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Woo To See You x Nerea Lurgain Pop-Up Shop


One of our favourite new stores, Woo To See You,  is hosting a pop-up with one of the designers they carry! Nerea Lurgain, which can only be found at Woo, will be present at the store this Saturday for one day only. I immediately fell in love with her designs, and I bet you will too. Meet her in person this weekend!


  • DATE | Saturday, February 1st, 2014
  • TIME | 11am – 7pm
  • LOCATION | Woo To See You Boutique @ 129-1208 Homer St

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Style SEEN: Jennyfleur Loves x Holly Boutique Pop-Up Opening

Jennyfleur x Holly-2

Jennifer Gray is holding her beloved Jennyfleur Loves boutique as a pop-up shop at Holly Boutique from Dec 17th – 31st. We were at the grand opening and got the chance to browse the racks ourselves, which included lots of goodies, some of my favourite items were by WILDFOX. You can see me try on an awesome pair of diva sunnies!

I asked Jennifer how the idea for a pop-up shop came about; turns out that Holly had the idea and emailed Jenny. They had actually never previously met but had heard of one another, but Holly knew about Jennifer’s boutique moving out of Yaletown. This was experimental on Holly’s part too, having owned Holly Boutique for 4 years, it was the first time her store hosted a pop-up shop.

But it works out for the two self-described easygoing shop owners. In the past they had carried a few of the same things and some of their loyal clientele shop at both boutiques. What a great match!

Check out both the Jennyfleur Loves pop-up shop and Holly’s own line of brands at Holly Boutique. Jennyfleur Loves will be there for your shopping convenience until December 31st.

Jennyfleur Loves x Holly Boutique-15

Jennyfleur Loves x Holly Boutique-19

Jennyfleur Loves x Holly Boutique-14

Jennyfleur Loves x Holly Boutique-20

Jennyfleur Loves x Holly Boutique-23

Photos by Aurora Chan & Miranda Sam

Words by Miranda Sam

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Jennyfleur Loves Pop Up Shop at Holly Boutique

Jennyfleur Loves Pop Up Shop

In late October, Jennyfleur Loves boutique left Yaletown to pursue other locations in Vancouver. Today Jennyfleur will be popping up in Gastown at Holly Boutique until December 31st. This will serve for a great testing ground to see how longtime fans and pedestrian traffic respond to the boutique’s stylings.

Come by on December 19th for the pop-up’s grand opening. There will be drinks, nail art, tasty treats, goodies and of course shopping discounts!


  • What | Jennyfleur Loves x Holly Boutique Pop-Up
  • When | December 17th – 31st (Grand Opening Dec 19th)
  • Where | Holly Boutique @ 215-332 Water St
  • Payment | Jennyfleur Loves will be taking credit cards and cash (no debit) and Holly Boutique will be taking both credit and debit

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Sale Reports: Roxanne Nikki, Editor Agency, and Oak+Fort

Roxanne Nikki Pop-Up Shop

Roxanne Nikki Sale-11

Roxanne Nikki is a Winnipeg-born internationally renown designer who has dressed celebrities on and off the red carpet.  She held one of her anticipated pop-up shops on November 15 and 16 in Robson Square (side unrelated note – the 15th also marked the opening of the ice rink to the public for the winter season!).

The clearance sale featured pieces up to 90% off retail.  It also featured a couple of models showcasing her edgy designs while also working double duty as sales associates.  What a smart idea to have live models to bring her clothes to life, albeit on 6′ women with size 0 figures.  There was even a clearance rack with faux fur and pleather pants for $20, which means even frugal fashionistas can own a piece of this highly regarded designer!  Be sure to check out her next sale when it comes around.

Words + Photos by Aurora Chan

Editor Agency Sample Sale

Editor Agency is a Canadian wholesaler of fashion accessories, supplying to retailers worldwide. It represents three brands – Mimi & Marge Jewelry and Handbags, Harriet Grey Jewelry, and Chandi Scarves.  Beginning November 14th, it held its periodic weekend sample sale.  I always make the point of stopping by this sale as the prices are amazing and I usually discover a gem or two, or three if I’m lucky.

This time around was no different pricing-wise, but I wasn’t lucky in finding anything for myself, ah well.  The perimeter of the room was filled with Mimi & Marge handbags, all for $10!  Can’t beat that price for a basic functional tote bag or purse for everyday use.  The interior was filled with bins of both Mimi & Marge and Harriet Grey jewelry, all at great prices.  Be prepared to devote some time here sifting through the baggies of tiny silver and gold goodies.  And last but not least, one wall features the colourful and soft Chandi scarves, all at amazing prices.  They’re a great way to spice up a black or grey coat.

Don’t miss out on this sale for very affordable ways to add flare to any outfit, and they also make great gifts for girlfriends!

Words + Photos by Aurora Chan

Oak + Fort Warehouse Sale

There’s not too much to say about the Oak + Fort warehouse sale, except that if you want a piece of it next time, go on the first day and go early! On the first day at about 4pm, most of the stock had already gone out the door. When I arrived the 2nd day just after noon, there was barely any styles left.

There were some great pieces like the furry jacket perfect for a hippie music festival for only $10, and lots of tops and bottoms priced at $38. I was also in love with these striped denim pants at $30, but the hips weren’t fitted at all. And really, I’m not about to get something altered if I buy it from a warehouse sale.

Since the store has moved to a new location, some of their merchandising was on sale too, like the ladder they use to merchandise scarves and the lighting above the cash desk. I guess the main point is that I’ve learned my lesson to head there early on the first day, if possible!

Words + Photos by Miranda Sam

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Last Day Soirette pop-up at Holt Renfrew


The decadent Soirette Macarons & Tea pop-up shop in Holt Renfrew will be in Holt Renfrew for one last day today. Check out fantastic flavours like Matcha, Earl Grey Cassis, Lavendar, Rocher, Pistachio and more. Otherwise, you can head on down a little further to their retail location at 1433 W Pender Street.

A box of 6 retails for $12, and they make great gifts too!

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Style SEEN: Charles&Grace and Whiskey Teacup Clothing Pop-Up Shop


The Chinatown Experiment space on Columbia Street in the heart of, you guessed it, Chinatown, has provided a low cost launch pad for local designers and artists to showcase their work and test the market in the form of a pop-up retail shop.  The latest team of designers to take advantage of this great opportunity was Charles&Grace Jewelry and Whiskey Teacup Clothing, who kicked off their 3-day shop with a launch party on Friday June 21st.

It would have been hard to miss spotting the party as it was totally rocking when I arrived.  Jam packed full of hip and trendy 20-somethings mingling and chatting on top of the booming tunes courtesy of the guest DJ, the vibe was electric.  To add to the atmosphere, there was a cash bar in the back, as well as fun props and accessories for attendees to don and take instagram-ic shots.
The designers behind Whisky Teacup: Laura Crossman and Sharlyn VandenBroek 
Whiskey Teacup instantly caught my eye, mainly because a selection of their pieces were made of clear plastic.  They made me think of the mod dresses and raincoats that were first introduced in the 60’s.  The modern Whiskey Teacup take consists of jackets, capelets, aprons, and similar items that are meant to be worn on top of your outfit so it acts as outerwear and yet you can still see what’s worn underneath.  The two designers behind the name are Sharlyn VandenBroek and Laura Crossman, two enterprising friends who buy unusual fabrics from Dressew and handmake all their pieces.  The pop-up shop was their grand debut.  They also design jewellery made of fabric and I quickly grabbed a necklace for $20.  It has been quickly put to use, featured in my photoshoot just two days later!  I love it; it adds texture and colour to any plain top.
Charles&Grace Jewelry specializes in delicate feminine gold pieces, but what stands out are their body jewelry.  These are thin chains that drape seductively over the torso.  I’d imagine they are meant to be worn on top of a body hugging dress, but there is always the option of having them adorn your birthday suit for a special someone.
It was inspiring to see all this support for local young designers and the energy was contagious.
Aurora Chan wearing Charles&Grace Jewelry
PS Here’s a bonus shot of Aurora wearing Whiskey Teacup Clothing for a photo shoot by photographer Ryan MacLean.
Words + Photos by: Aurora Chan


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Be SCENE: Flagship x Shoppalu Pop-Up Shop Party

Shoppalu x Flagship Pop-Up

Flagship Lifestyle is teaming up with Shoppalu for a pop-up shop in East Vancouver. The launch party happens this Saturday. Perfect for a summer solstice party!

If you can’t make it this Saturday, the store will be open from now until July 11th, Monday – Friday from 11am – 7pm.

Flagship Pop Up Store

Style Sheet

  • Event | Flagship x Shoppalu Solstice Party
  • Date | Saturday, June 22nd
  • Time | 7pm – late
  • Location | 208 East 12th Ave (former body politic location)
  • FYI | drinks at the bar, hors d’oeuvres served, beautiful people

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