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Sale Report: Obakki & Gentle Fawn Warehouse Sales

Obakki Warehouse Sale


Both Aurora & I checked out the Obakki & Gentle Fawn sample sales on their 2nd day. To our misfortune, we were too late for the Obakki Warehouse sale! It was only a 2 day sale, but I hadn’t anticipated such high demand (or lower inventory levels), because I had been to the Obakki sale on Saturdays before and there was plenty of stock. I got there with my friend just past 12pm, and already I could see the sale racks were pretty empty. I took a few pieces into the change room just for the hell of it but came out with nothing.

I could see from social media that other fashionistas who had hit up the sale on the Friday walked away with great stuff like winter coats (which I didn’t even see any of – too bad!). When Aurora got there later in the day, she didn’t even get to check it out because they had already sold out. Now we all know better for next year – get there on the first day!

Gentle Fawn Warehouse Sale

GF Sale-1

When we got to the Gentle Fawn warehouse sale I felt a huge sigh of relief! Not only was there a room full of stock, the prices were fantastic. The highest priced item was $40 for a winter coat. My friend ended up spending $120 for 5 pieces including a coat; at that price you can’t even get a coat! Most of the shorts were available in sz 4, which was too big for me even though I’m usually a sz s/sz2-4. There were lots of cozy sweaters for fall, but what we were really looking for was a plain black sweater. Of course, we can’t expect to find anything like that at a Gentle Fawn sale, because the brand is fabulous at detailing. I thought the best buys of this sale, aside from coats, were the fashion tops. At only $20 apiece, it’s easily justifiable.

My friend and I ended up getting the same sweater vest – twinsies! I also got a sheer aquamarine poly blouse and a photographer’s style purse. I spent only $50 – not bad for 3 items! And on her trip, Aurora walked away with a bustier-style tank and a belt. My verdict on the GF sale would be a definite MUST SHOP sale for anyone looking for cute, fashionable pieces to fill their wardrobe.

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Sale Alert: Obakki Warehouse Sale

Obakki Warehouse Sale

It’s sample sale season! Get your cash ready for Obakki. So why did we choose to have our anniversary dinner tonight?! Guess I’ll have to suck it up and see what’s left tomorrow.


  • What | Obakki Warehouse Sale
  • Where | 201-135 West 7th Ave
  • Friday, November 1 – 11am – 8pm
  • Saturday, November 2 | 10am – 4pm
  • Payment | Cash, debit, Visa, Mastercard
  • Why | Great styles, great deals

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Be SCENE: Obakki Foundation Exhibit at Walrus

Obakki exhibit at Walrus

After hearing Treana Peake speak at Creative Mornings earlier this year, I’ve since been an even bigger fan of what she stands for. Her photography of South Sudan has been incorporated into prints for Obakki fabrics in recent seasons, and some of us just can’t get enough. So if you want to see more, be sure to check out the Obakki Foundation pop-up exhibit next Wednesday, October 2nd.


  • Date | Wednesday, October 2nd
  • Time | 6 – 9pm
  • Location | Walrus @ 3408 Cambie St

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Obakki: Social Change through Fashion and New Diffusion Line

Creative Mornings - Treana Peake

Having worked in fashion marketing a while ago, I was saddened to see how contrived the industry actually was. From a fashion lover’s perspective, we are enthralled by the inspirations designers use to create their beautiful collections. But from an insider’s perspective, sometimes those ‘inspirations’ are nothing more than an afterthought of a marketing strategy for packaging purposes.

I had the opportunity today to watch Treana Peake present at Creative Mornings hosted at W2. This woman’s humanitarian efforts through luxury label Obakki is far from contrived. Little known facts about her were revealed: she’s been to Africa over 20 times, and had to sell her car to finance her first trip. The Obakki FW 2012 collection was inspired by South Sudan, but Treana didn’t simply ‘exploit’ the people by taking beautiful images and getting inspiration for design. She also worked with a team of 5 South Sudanese models for the ’10 Pieces For Change’ collection campaign. As well, 100% of capsule collection profits (the signature red scarf) and any leftover net profits from Obakki go directly into humanitarian projects, such as building more than 300 wells in Africa to give areas of conflict access to water.

Obakki mood board FW 2012

And yes, when Obakki transitioned into more of a humanitarian than fashion brand, I was taken aback. Apprehensive and skeptical, I thought this was a bit awkward for a fashion brand: could this be some sort of social greenwashing? But having watched Treana speak passionately about WHY she does what she does, I feel that she is one of the most genuine business people out there. Even though it wasn’t an easy transition for her, it goes to show that there is room in this world for fashion to be kind.

For those of us who believe this is a truly inspiring movement for the fashion industry, but may not be able to afford that $500 Obakki jacket, don’t fret. Treana let word out that Obakki may be introducing a diffusion line of t-shirts, handbags, scarves, and accessories at a lower price point.

“Giving without expecting anything in return can help define the course of your life.” – Treana Peake @ Creative Mornings (quote via @mariecheungsays)

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New Online Stores in Vancouver

In the past year or so, we’ve been seeing a trend among Vancouver retailers: they’re moving online. Last week, we saw Aritzia join the e-commerce ranks, and here’s a post to highlight other local brands that are making waves in the online sphere.

two | one | two

(212) New Website 2012

Two One Two launched a new e-commerce website this past November 28th. Check out this Stella dress. A-ma-zing. Also be sure to check out their side-paneled leather sleeve Casey dress.

Modern Mix Boutique

Modern Mix Boutique's new jewelry e-commerce site

Vanessa of Modern Mix Vancouver has always had a love for making jewelry. Launched this past month as well,  you can get your hands on  a selection of well-curated styles available conveniently at Modern Mix Boutique!


Obakki's new website launched on September 12, 2012

Obakki redid their website this past September, and though I’ve always loved their former site, this new one is more on trend with WordPress style sites, and brings centre to attention the humanitarian aspect of creative director Treana Peake’s passion.

Avery by Wang

Avery by Wang

Annching Wang of Avery by Wang launched her revolutionary 3-piece collection last spring in March, as well as her e-commerce site. Each piece is to-die-for, and are timeless for any occasion. As per her philosophy, buy what you love. And I’m sure you’ll love her sophisticated and understated designs. Watch out for a series of one-piece collections soon.

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Obakki 75% off Sale

As seen on The Conveyor Belt‘s site, Obakki in Gastown is having their 75% off or more sale! Some great pieces include shorts with loose fabric hanging off the sides. They come in either a pink printed floral or classic black. Another fave is their interpretation of the Stella McCartney inspired athletic yet stylish sports jacket. If you’re a M or L, be sure to check it out – it’s on sale for only $100! At the very least, if you haven’t visited this concept store, go experience the retail design, stylized wooden hangers and all.


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