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Vancouver Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2014: Noe Bernacelli

Noe Bernacelli Ready-to-Wear

This one show in particular really struck a chord with Aurora & I, so I felt it deserved its own post. Peruvian designer Noe Bernacelli has shown his collections in Brazil and Paris, and now for the first time in North America, at the 4th day of Vancouver Fashion Week. He studied in Milan before returning to his native land to create his own line.  I was honoured to see his work. When the first few RTW looks came out, I silently mouthed “holy shit!” and I knew right then and there his clothing had re-inspired my love for fashion. Like many of my favourite designers, his work is wearable, has exquisite tailoring, and has great subtle detailing.

Noe Bernacelli Couture

You should have been there. Immediately when the first couture look came out, you could hear the photographers snapping a thousand times faster as the audience held their breath. It was look after look of sheer beauty; each hand-sewn gown surprised the audience how artistic something could be created with fabric, a few feathers, and shimmery appliqué.  As well as schooling in Milan, Noe had also done his specialization in Paris at the house of Chanel. He also seeks inspiration from the handcrafted nature of Peruvian arts. For his Spring/Summer 2014 couture collection, the pièce de résistance may have very well been the gown with a collared bodice and feathery skirt (#3 in the set of photos).

Meet the Designer

After the show, I just knew I had to speak with the young designer. I walked over to where he was sitting with his family, and introduced myself. He gave me a strange look, and mouthed a few words in a foreign language. Thankfully, someone came over and offered a quick language translation. The translator told me been doing this since 17, and now he’s only at the age of 26. Not that I was astonished of how young he was, but that he’s able to create such visionary, well-executed, and flawlessly cohesive collections. When asked will he be back at Vancouver Fashion Week next year, he says, “I hope so.” We sure hope so too.

Watch the Show


Honestly, just watch this short clip to see how beautifully his clothes flow, and how well they fit.

Photos by Aurora Chan | Words by Miranda Sam



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Off the Runway: Models, Designers & Editors

Day 4 at Vancouver Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2014 edition was definitely one of the best! Not only were the shows fantastic, the crowd was looking very good too.

We got a chance to meet Samantha Skelly, editor of Vancouver Lifestyles Magazine, hang out with Marilyn Wilson, editor of Raine Magazine, chat with model Rosemary Manso about her thoughts on Noe Bernacelli‘s collection (she loves it, btw), feel the fabric of my favourite Veejay Floresca wedding gown, and interview Peruvian couture designer Noe Bernacelli.

And might I also add, Aurora & I looked pretty hot ourselves ;)

Photos by Aurora Chan | Words by Miranda Sam

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