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Great Gift Ideas at Bootlegger: For Him and for Her


This post was first published on the Metropolis at Metrotown blog. For all of you last-last minute shoppers… Check it out!

When I first became obsessed with shopping days during my high school days, Bootlegger was definitely a go-to shop all the girls hit up. And that was when it was located on the other side of Metropolis near the Zellers. The store at Metropolis has come a long way since, after moving to the former Off The Wall space in 2006. The store has updated its interiors with “exposed” brick wall and denim walls for a hip downtown vibe.

When compared to Bootlegger’s 103 other stores, shoppers at Metropolis tend to be faster when adopting new trends. For example, the management team had to bring in more gold jewelry this season. Why not bling it up a notch for the holidays? Here are a few of Metropolis Bootlegger’s best sellers, neatly packaged into a holiday gift guide.

Gifts for Him

Casual-cool (Sweat)Shirts

Known for is laid-back nature, Bootlegger is the perfect place to get casual and great looking shirts for guys. The grey Myles long-sleeve shirt retails for $49.50, while the Earl full-zip hoodie is at $59.50 and the Distillery Earl popover at $54.50. These are 3 great shirt styles all around the $50 mark!


A Jacket-of-All-Trades

The acting manager told me that this was one of the best-selling jackets at Metropolis, and I can see why! This men’s utility jacket can be dressed up or down, according to the occasion. And besides, a utility jacket should be a staple in any guy’s wardrobe. If your boyfriend/husband/brother/uncle doesn’t have one already, this is one great piece to invest in.


Denim All The Way

According to insiders at Bootlegger, the Metropolis location sells a lot of jeans! Shoppers love Mavi, Silver, and Buffalo jeans in a vast assortment of fits. One of the store’s best sellers is the slim straight fit jean by Buffalo, and the new Grayson jean by Silver (perfect for guys who like the slim look but not have their jeans feel that tight). For the special guy on your list, don’t forget there’s also the in-house Brody brand too!

Gifts for Her


Where the Party Dress At

This ostrich-feather party dress is one of many fabulous styles carried at Bootlegger this winter. Part of the Temperance collection, the Satine is a great pick because anyone will look great in an LBD, and the feathers really kick it up a notch. The art-deco style sequin dress, the Bacall (perhaps named after the sultry Lauren Bacall?), also makes a great gift.


Comfy & Stylish Sweatshirts

Who wants to be worrying about 4″ heels all the time? This paisley lace print on a sweatshirt makes it easy to be stylishly comfy. Thank the fashion powers that be that the fashion sweatshirt is IN!


Denim, No Doubt

Of course, the last item for the ladies’ gift guide is denim as well. You can’t go wrong with Silver jeans, which has been a staple for Bootlegger shoppers for well over a decade. And don’t fear the fit for whoever you’re shopping for because Bootlegger’s in-house Jeaneologists will offer you their advice. Plus, if your denim gift doesn’t fit her, keep in mind that Bootlegger’s proud return policy: “No sale is ever final.”

Stocking Stuffers


Festive Scarves

Who doesn’t love receiving (or giving) a brand new scarf? Bootlegger has a myriad of styles to bring holiday cheer to any outfit. The hints of gold and glitz are just enough to signal ‘festive’ without overdoing it. You really can’t go wrong with this one-size-fits-all gift.


Tanks for all Occasions

I found this gem of a rack in the middle of the store. Why search high and low around the mall when you can find so many tank top styles at Bootlegger? For the girls on your list who love racerback style, this is the place to get them for a stocking stuffer. Or two!


Belt It Up

My top pick for men’s stocking stuffers would be belts. A few styles come in your standard black, and in addition a few in cognac. Challenge his wardrobe with a lighter coloured belt – perhaps to go with those grey dress pants?

Bootlegger is a great place to get gifts for the entire family, as I’m told there is a family of three generations who shop together at the Metropolis location. Whether it’s something fun like a party dress, something chill like a sweatshirt or something colourful like a scar, I hope you’ve gotten some great gift-giving ideas from this list!

Words + Photos by Miranda Sam

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Style by Fire Dresses Mannequins at Dynamite


Sbf x Dynamite-VOTE-fb  Sbf x Dynamite-VOTE-insta

We’re part of Dynamite’s blogger mannequin contest, and right now we’re the runner-up! Head on over to Dynamite’s Facebook and Instagram pages to vote – you will have a chance to win a $100 gift card! (And we really hope the winner will be a Style by Fire reader.) Contest runs until Sunday, December 15th, 2013. Full contest details here.


This post was sponsored by Groupe Dynamite. All opinions are our own.

On December 6th, 2013, Aurora & I had the opportunity to play merchandiser for the night. We were invited to style 3 mannequins at Dynamite in the themes of Holiday, Work Party, and New Year’s Eve.

It was so much fun putting our styling skills to the test! In all honesty, the work of a visual merchandiser is hard work. It took us a while to come up with the concepts and to put together a cohesive collection while giving each look a distinct feel. Not to mention, lifting mannequins is tough stuff!

Without scrolling down any further, can you tell which mannequin represents which theme?


Look #1: New Year’s Eve – VOTE for this LOOK!

For New Year’s Eve, we immediately knew it was going to be a blinged out party dress, but to add a touch of edginess with a oxblood pleather jacket. The purple tones in the necklace gives the oxblood some continuity in the accessories, while the gold bracelets and sparkly gold wristlet added to the jazz. We also came prepared with a cat mask because we knew the Dynamite girl we were dressing the mannequin for has a fun personality, and was going to attend a fancy masquerade ball. Plus, who doesn’t like an extra roar to their outfit – right, Katy Perry?


Look #2: Holiday

The holiday look for our “Dynamite girl” had to be full of sass! She wears a black pleather midriff bustier top with shiny holiday shorts. But expect the unexpected from this girl – she pairs cutting edge with a toned down sweater that says “je ne sais quoi,” then finishes the look with nothing other than fur. Add in an oxblood coloured bag, and she’s ready to rock any holiday party! This was definitely one of the more challenging looks, as our intention was to break away from a traditional holiday look.


Look #3: Work Party

We wanted the second look to be classy enough for the office work party, but hot enough for the spontaneous after-party. We chose a one-piece halter pantsuit and threw over a white blazer to give the flowy pantsuit some corporate structure. A gold belt sitting nonchalantly at the hips gives her a more defined look. Adding to the black and white trend, she sports a light shawl tied to the side, and ties it all together with the pearly white and gold necklace. A small pop of leather on her cross-body purse gives personality to a monochrome outfit. If she coat checks her blazer and scarf, she’s ready to party all night!

It was an amazing experience for the two of us to dress Dynamite’s mannequins. And we’re honoured to have done this alongside 3 other bloggers: Toronto’s THISWASFOREVER, Montreal’s Ton Petite Look, and New York’s Viviere Bella. Good luck to everyone!

Instagram Love

Read about the full contest rules here.

Photos by: Aurora & Miranda

Words by: Miranda

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VOTE for Style by Fire in the Dynamite Blogger Contest!


Sbf x Dynamite-VOTE-fb    Sbf x Dynamite-VOTE-insta

Last week we styled 3 mannequins for the Dynamite blogger contest and our New Year’s Eve look (above) made the cut! If you love what you see, please give us a LIKE on both Dynamite’s Facebook and Instagram pages. You’ll get a chance to win a $100 gift card to Dynamite!

Not to mention, we’re up in the running against New York, Toronto, and Montreal. C’mon guys, let’s win it for Vancouver!


The contest runs from now until Saturday, December 15th, 2013. Read about the full contest rules here.

And you can check out all the entries by searching #DynBloggerStyle on Instagram.



Sbf x Dynamite-VOTE-fb    Sbf x Dynamite-VOTE-insta

Photos by: Aurora & Dynamite associate

Words by: Miranda

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Dynamite Blogger Style Challenge: Join Us in Dressing Dynamite Mannequins!


This post was sponsored by Groupe Dynamite.

Exciting news – Aurora & Miranda will be back at Dynamite this Friday!

This time around, we’ve been invited to dress 3 of Dynamite’s mannequins in the themes of Office Christmas Party, the Holidays, and New Year’s Eve. And why should you come by Dynamite this Friday night? Because not only will you get the chance to meet and chat with us, you’ll also have a chance to receive Dynamite’s new holiday Access Card (when you purchase for $50 or more) which gives you great rewards when purchasing cool Dynamite merch.

Plus, there’s also a CONTEST involved! Across Canada, 3 bloggers’ outfits will be selected by the Dynamite team as semi-finalists. If you vote between December 9th to 15th on Dynamite’s Facebook and Instagram pages, you’ll get a chance to receive a $100 gift card!



  • Date | Friday, December 6th, 2013
  • Time | 5:00 – 8:00pm
  • Location | Dynamite at Metropolis @ Metrotown
  • Why stop by | Chance to receive Dynamite’s new holiday Access Card!
  • Why vote | For a chance to win a $100 Dynamite gift card… and to support Style by Fire!
  • Social media hashtag | #DYNBloggers

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Top 10 Reasons Aldo is Your One-Stop Holiday Accessories Shop


This post was first posted on Metropolis at Metrotown’s blog. 

Everyone knows Aldo shoes. Which shopper wouldn’t when there are over 1000 shoe stores in 65 countries? And I’m sure if you know about the shoes, you know that the brand does accessories very well too. With one right here in Metropolis at Metrotown, you don’t need to look any further to accessorize your holiday looks, shop for gifts, and more. Here are a few good reasons why Aldo and Aldo Accessories are your one-stop holiday accessories shops:


1. Get Your Bling On

Add some ornamental distraction to holiday outfits with the glitz and glam found in high-heeled pumps, sandals, booties, and the matching handbag. The “GIVENS” strappy sandal would give any look a Gatsby-inspired art deco sophistication.


2. Fur Real

Explore the urban jungle with accessories inspired from the animal kingdom. A fur stole, headband, or handbag adds instant glam to your winter wear, while keeping you cozy in the cold.


3. Bold Black & Gold Accessories

Nothing is bolder this holiday season than black & gold accessories. Go dark for a dramatic edge; go gold to add more sparkle and shine to an already eye-catching outfit. Either way, you can’t go wrong.


4. Rock the Chain Trend

Heavy chain necklaces are the statement pieces this season. I love the slinky feel of the one shown in the above image – it’s so cool to the touch. Paired with a monochrome dress, these accessories will make much more noise than just monotone sounds.


5. Haute Hair Pieces

To all the long-haired sisters out there, did you know Aldo is a great place to get hair accessories too? Find hair donuts, add-on hair pieces, with our without braided styles… The possibilities are endless.


6. Accessorize Your Sparkly Shoes

You just found the perfect shoes to go with your dress – now what? Accessorize, of course! Aldo often makes matching clutches to special occasion shoes. Save yourself the headache of hunting through the entire mall to accessorize your new sparkly heels. Get the shoes, purse, earrings, and necklace all at Aldo!


7. Give Your LBD Some Contrast

If you’re not a colourful dresser, that’s cool. Just try giving the black & white trend a chance. Add some white to your LBD to play with the hottest black & white trend this fall/winter season.


8. Trendy Fashion Scarves

According to the staff at Aldo Shoes, some of the top-selling accessories are the cold weather fashion scarves. They come in a variety of pretty neutrals in different knit designs. Layer on a few to make a statement with outerwear.


9. Messenger Bags for the Gents

The “Murse” is no longer a term guys shy away from. Now carried with pride, men’s messenger bags are as essential as a woman’s purse. Check out the Aldo shoe store for messenger bags, as well as a strong collection of military-inspired men’s jewelry.


10. Great Gifts for Everyone

Shop Aldo Accessories for your mom, sister, BFF, coworker, yoga instructor, or whoever else’s gifts. From stocking stuffers to the primary present, choose from sparkly bracelets, glossy sunglass cases, knit scarves, furry clutches, and satchel bags. If you simply can’t choose from all the great stuff, remember that Aldo offers gift cards too!

Now you have more than enough reasons to shop by Aldo this winter when you’re at Metropolis. Happy holiday shopping & accessorizing!

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You’re Invited to Dynamite’s Best Dressed Party!

dynamite invite

This post was sponsored by Groupe Dynamite.

Hey guys! We’re so excited to announce that you are cordially invited to Dynamite’s “Best Dressed Party” this Thursday, November 7th! Of the hundreds of Dynamite locations in North America, only 50 stores will host a shopping event, and only 13 of those stores will feature a blogger-hosted shopping party. And yes, Aurora & I are honoured to be selected as the Vancouver fashion bloggers :) We’ll be in store giving our two cents on style.

dynamite invite3

The Best Dressed Party takes place at Metropolis at Metrotown, and it’s going to be a fun night for you. Receive 25% off your purchase, sweet treats, and if you spend more than $60, you’ll receive a complimentary gift bag filled with holiday goodies.

Come shop great fall trends, such as black and white, cropped tops, and oversized scarves. At the same time, spend some time chatting fashion with us and live tweet with us, because we’d love to meet all of you in person!


  • What | Dynamite’s Best Dressed Party
  • Where | Metropolis at Metrotown
  • When | November 7th, 2013 @ 5 – 9pm
  • Who | Featuring Aurora & Miranda!
  • Why | 25% off, free gift back with $60 purchase (includes fragrance, set of holiday coasters, and set of wine markers) and come hang out with us!

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Think Pink for Breast Cancer Awareness Month at Metropolis

Pink - Sephora palette

This post was originally published on the Metropolis at Metrotown blog. Click to read the full article there!

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month in Canada, a time to learn about the most common cancer diagnosis of Canadian women over the age of 20. Most of us know about awareness month through the pink ribbon campaign, and because of its success, the current 5 year survival rate is now at 87 percent!

Since the inception of the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation, $170 million has been invested in research, education and awareness programs. The next time you’re at Metropolis, think pink with a purpose. I scoured the mall high and low to find you some great items that donate a portion of proceeds to various pink ribbon campaigns.

Pink - Sephora

Sephora offers a variety of limited beauty products in light pink. The 5-piece brush set comes in a lovely pink python travel pouch ($43). One dollar from each sale is donated, with a minimum of $10,000 donated to breast cancer research. A bonus is that the product hasn’t been tested on animals either.

The 4-piece hair tie set ($7) looks great in your tresses or on your wrist, while the Tweezerman tweezers ($26) add a touch of pretty-in-pink to quotidian beauty supplies. Both products donate $1 from each sale.

Pink - Clinique

Over at the Clinique counter, the feature product was The Almost Lipstick in Pink Ribbon Honey ($19), which comes in a cute pink embroidered pouch. I liked the fact that $4 of this product – over 20% – goes toward the Breast Cancer Research Foundation for any purchases made between September 15th, 2013 to January 31, 2014.

Pink - Payless

This adorable bracelet at Payless Shoes  is only $3! A fantastic coupon comes with the purchase too: for your next purchase between November 12 to 26th, you receive $10 off any purchase over $40. For shoppers on a budget, this is a great way to save for this season’s pair of winter boots.

Pink - Pandora 2

Last but not least, I stopped by PANDORA, the Denmark-based jewelry boutique. There were 3 beautiful charms to choose from: a round sterling silver charm ($50), a cubic zirconia studded ribbon charm ($55), and a rounded white Murano glass charm with a pink ribbon ($40). Each charm is unique in its own right, and regardless of which one you choose, 5% of the proceeds benefit the Canadian Breast Cancer Research Foundation.

So here’s a roundup of a few items that support October’s Breast Cancer Awareness month. I hope you make this a meaningful month by contributing to the cause in whatever way you can!

PS. This post would not have been possible without the help of Paul at the Apple store, who let me charge my 4S – thanks!

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We All Shopped ‘Til We Dropped with LOULOU Magazine at Metropolis!

The Metropolis atrium: Where the action was

The Metropolis atrium: Where the action was

Please note: This article was first posted on Metropolis at Metrotown’s blog. Thanks Metropolis for inviting me to the fabulous event. Check it out!

On Thursday, September 26th, LOULOU Shop ‘Til You Drop took place at Metropolis at Metrotown, and it was one of the mall’s biggest events ever! Over 70 retailers participated in this one-night-only shopping event, including Forever 21, H&M, Nike, Skoah, Bench, Geox, and more. According to a Metropolis marketing associate, there were approximately 700 guests in line for a swag bag before the event began!

Inside the main atrium court, there was a plethora of fun activities and free stuff, I had overheard many guests say that the lineup was long, but it was well worth the wait. Shoppers got the chance to sample lots of treats, check out different sweets at a candy bar, and pick up copies of LOULOU Magazine.

Miranda with loulou Magazine editor, Claude Laframboise

Miranda with LOULOU Magazine editor, Claude Laframboise

When I spoke with LOULOU Style Editor, Claude Laframboise, he said he’s done many events around Canada, but this one at Metropolis was the biggest one yet. He loved how energetic the shoppers were, and was genuinely impressed by the event.

The LOULOU Magazine closet

The LOULOU Magazine closet

Guests had the opportunity to check out the curated LOULOU closet. Many participated in the contest by taking a photo of themselves with their favourite item in the closet and Tweet it. Presentations by Claude Lafraomboise took place twice that evening, with guests attentively learning how they can create a fall wardrobe and best shop the event.

Kid Carson handing out Skinny Cow ice cream bars to guests

Kid Carson handing out Skinny Cow ice cream bars to guests

Kid Carson and SONiC Nation also broadcasted live on location. Between broadcasting duties, Kid Carson also helped hand out Skinny Cow ice cream bars to fans. What a great sport!

Sofia bought a sweater at Dynamite for 20% off!

Sofia bought a sweater at Dynamite for 20% off!

I met the lovely Sofia who happily showed me her latest purchase: a Dynamite knit cardigan that retailed at $44.90 with a 20% Shop ‘Til You Drop discount. She loved how it was so comfy and perfect for fall.

loulou editor's picks: fall boots!

LOULOU Editor’s Picks at Guess: fall boots!

At each Shop ‘Til You Drop participating retailer, there were tags on items indicating LOULOU Magazine’s Editor’s Picks. Some of my favourite Editor’s Picks at Guess? were these awesome black boots. And of course you can’t just have one! You need a pair of flat boots for everyday wear, and a lace-up pair with a heel for the weekend.

Shoppers Kama and Sima enjoyed the free swag

Shoppers Kama and Sima enjoyed the free swag

On my way to the other side of the mall, I met shoppers Kama and Sima. They loved the Skinny Cow ice cream sandwiches and were looking forward to open their gift with purchase.

Editor's Picks at Thomas Sabo

Editor’s Picks at Thomas Sabo

There was so much to be coveted at Thomas Sabo! This display of cute bow-tie accessories was my absolute favourite. Which girly girl wouldn’t love a pair of bow-tie earrings?!

Fashion bloggers Jordana and Sheila pick up some fall must-haves at oak + fort for 20% off

Fashion bloggers pick up some fall must-haves at Oak + Fort for 20% off

At Oak + Fort, I met fashion bloggers from JustJ.ca and MaddyLoves.com. Apparently we had been Twitter friends for the longest time, so it was nice to finally meet them in person! Jordana said she loved her cozy, new Oak + Fort sweater, and Sheila said she was really enjoying the event at Metropolis.

At the end of the night, after shoppers had gone around the mall with their official Shop ‘Til You Drop passport, and had collected at least 8 stamps from retailers, they entered their ballot in for a draw. Good luck to everyone who participated! The grand prize was a $1000 Metropolis at Metrotown gift card, and other prizes included $100 gift cards to Garage, GUESS?, Forever 21, SoftMoc, H&M and more.

As for myself, I did a little shopping myself. I couldn’t resist a pair of skinny pants from Jacob at 25% off, a pair of winter running tights from lululemon, and a sweater dress from Forever21.

What a great event – I can’t wait to Shop ‘Til I Drop next year!


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I am super excited to announce to you guys the 2013 edition of LOULOU x Metropolis SHOP TIL YOU DROP event! I’ll also shamelessly throw in the plug that I’ll be covering the event on behalf of Metropolis too. So be sure to check out the Metropolis blog the Monday after the event! So y’all want to know what’s going down on the big day? Well, there are almost too many retailers and events to list, but that’s a good thing, right?


  • DATE | Thursday, September 26, 2013
  • TIME: 5:00pm to 9:00pm
  • LOCATION: Metropolis at Metrotown (4700 Kingsway, Burnaby, BC)

Event Highlights:
– 1000 swag bags distributed (first 250 deluxe swag bags with additional products/samples).
– One night only discounts, gifts with purchase, in-store actitivies and much more!
– Shop ‘Til You Drop Lounge in Grand Court with sampling, candy bar and entertainment.
– Get your passport stamped for a chance to win a $1,000 Metropolis at Metrotown shopping spree!
– Two LOULOU presentations of Fall trends by Senior Editor at Grand Court.
– Spin-and-Win prize wheels.
– SONiC FM broadcasting live from the event.

New This Year
– Shop the ultimate LOULOU closet in Grand Court!
– Visit the LOULOU runway featuring Fall looks from Metropolis retailers.
– Crack the code at the LOULOU safes on display at all passport locations for a chance to win!
– Shop and Do Good – bring in last season’s outfits to donate to Burnaby Hospice Society and Thrift Store

*Participating Retailers

(I’ve highlighted a few I’m definitely checking out. Maybe I’ll see you guys there?)

  • Arctic Canadian Diamond: 50% off everything! One night only!
  • Bench: Spend $75 & get $10 off, Spend $125 & get $25 off, Spend $200 & get $50 off.
  • Best Buy Mobile: $50 bill credit for any Rogers or Fido activations. In-store demos of Samsung S4 & Blackberry Z10/Q10
  • Body Jewlz: 10% off all body jewellery and piercings! $60 tattoos from select designs.
  • Buffalo: Get 20% off regular priced merchandise + spend $125 after rebate and get a free Buffalo tumbler + in-store entertainment!
  • Carlton Cards: Buy one get one 50% off all gifting. 50% off all wrap items.
  • Change: 40% off everything!
  • Claire’s: 20% off everything!
  • Crystique: 30% off select items and a free scented candle with any purchase over $100.
  • Culture Craze: $20.00 off any purchase of $50 or more!
  • Dessert Dynasty: Buy one and get a 2nd drink of equal or lesser value free.
  • Dynamite: 20% off + FREE swag bag with purchase of $50+
  • Eccotique Salon: 20% off retail and mini hair styling.
  • Eccotique Spa East: 20% off retail, in-store contest (a chance to win an *Eccotique gift basket and a $50 gift card). Mini manicures, mini neck/shoulder massages and mini make-up applications!
  • Eccotique Spa West: 20% off retail, in-store contest (a chance to win an *Eccotique gift basket and a $50 gift card). Mini manicures, mini neck/shoulder massages and mini make-up applications!
  • Eyestar Optical: 30% off eyeglasses (both lens & frame) and sunglasses. 40% off all Rayban eyewear. Some restrictions may apply.
  • Fame Diamond: 50% off everything! One night only!
  • Forever 21: Discounts on Fall “must-haves” and FREE earbuds with $50+ purchase
  • Gallery of Perfumes: 20% off on purchases of $50 or more.
  • Garage: 20% off + FREE tote with purchase of $50+
  • Geox: 20% off regular priced merchandise
  • Godiva Chocolatier: Enter for a chance to win a $100 gift basket + in-store sampling!
  • Guess: Enjoy sweet treats and DJ beats. Receive a gift with any purchase of $100+ and a mystery scratcher for a chance to win
  • Guess Accessories: Scratch to reveal your special offer + receive a gift with purchase of $100+
  • H&M: 15% off purchase of $50+
  • Hudson’s Bay: Gift with purchase, a fashion show, make-up and wardrobe consultations and mini make-up demos.
  • Icing by Claire’s: 20% off everything!
  • Jacob: 25% off regular priced merchandise.
  • J2:10% off all regular-priced merchandise, additional 20% off all sale items + gift with purchase!
  • J76: 50% off 2nd item (sale items & accessories excluded).
  • Kidoodles:10% of any purchase over $50, 20% of any purchase over $100. Drop-off session: $25 per child for 2 hours of arts and crafts, ages 3-12 (valid only for Sep 26th between 4:30 & 8:30pm)
  • Kiehl’s Since 1851: In-store consultations and receive a skin essential kit depending on skin type.
  • Le Chateau (both locations): 15% off your purchase (cannot be combined with any other offer).
  • L’Occitane: Future Metropolis retailer L’Occitane will be providing mini facials in Grand Court.
  • Lucky Brand: 20% in-store discount, raffle prizes ($50 gift card + free denim), vintage soda and cake pops as refreshments!
  • Lugaro: Special discounts ($49 pearl necklace & Earring Set / $88 Men’s Tungsten Wedding bands. One-night only Facebook contest- see in store for details.
  • Luxury Eyewear: 30% off sunglasses and/or a complete pair of eyeglasses and a chance to win a $50 gift with each purchase. Restrictions may apply.
  • Magnolia Silver Jewellery: Gift with purchase – free silver and pearl necklace (retail value $58) with every purchase over $69
  • Marciano Enjoy mini make-overs, sips, sweets and more. M Loyalty Members receive a gift withy any purchase of $125.
  • Men’s Club: Up to 40% off new arrivals. See in store for details.
  • Mimi McQueen: Make any regular priced purchase over $20 (before tax) and receive a free body tape ($12.50 value). Make any regular priced purchase over $75 (before tax) and receive a free silicone bra ($29.99 value).
  • Miss Sixty/Energie: In-store contests, special treats, and 25% off your purchase.
  • Naturalizer: 20% off all regular and sale merchandise (cannot be combined with any coupons).
  • Nike: 15% off regular and an additional 10% off sale prices, some exceptions will apply.
  • Oak + Fort: 20% off the entire store.
  • Orange Julius/Dairy Queen (both locations): Sampling in Grand Court + a chance to win smoothies for a year.
  • Plenty: 20% off your purchase!
  • Purdy’s Chocolates: Spend $20 and receive $5 off your purchase.
  • Qoola: 25% off all products from 5-9pm.
  • Quartz & Chronos: Enter for a chance to win a Citizen watch in-store!
  •  Quilts Etc.: Extra 20% off on select designed linens, quilt set promo $20, poly duvet promo $29.
  • Reid Jewellery: Receive a pair of Swarovski crystal earrings with any purchase of $100 or more. One per person, retail value of $75
  • RW & Co: 20% OFF a minimum $85 purchase (before taxes) on all regular priced items, excluding prices ending in $0.95).
  • Ripcurl: 25% off all bikinis and board shorts.
  • Saje: Visit Grand Court for sampling and a 25%-off coupon.
  •  Sirens: Buy one get the 2nd item of equal or lesser value at 50% off. Entire store on sale!
  • Smart Set: Double your savings on Smart Set’s Savings Pass promotion
  • Sneakerbox: 10% off all regular-priced merchandise, additional 20% off all sale items + gift with purchase!
  • Soft Moc: 20% off all regular priced items and 10% off all sale items!
  • Superstore: Stop by Grand Court for some sweet treats at our Candy Bar compliments of Superstore.
  • Suzy Shier: 25% off all regular priced merchandise.
  • THOMAS SABO: $25 gift card for every $100 spent on jewellery, watches and fragrances.
  • Tommy Hilfiger: 25% off full priced items
  • Urban Behavior: Buy one get the 2nd item of equal or lesser value at 50% off. Entire store on sale!
  • Urban Planet: Buy one item and get 50% off any second item in the entire store!
  • Watch It: Enter for a chance to win a Citizen watch in-store!
  • Zennkai: 15% off all retail. In-store demos and mini applications with hot tool styling/ braids. Prizes, snacks and treats in-store!

*all promotions subject to change, some restrictions may apply, and while quantities last. See in store for details.


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“Get Polished” at Metrotown!

The lovely event assistants

On Saturday, June 22nd Metropolis at Metrotown kicked off “Get Polished,” the mall’s summer nail polish workshop series. This was the first of three workshops, called “Find What You Love,” took place over Saturday and Sunday. Shoppers got a chance to sit down, relax, and get their nails did!

There were many adorable mother-daughter participants who watched the step-by-step video while carefully applying their own polish. The end result was a beautiful chevron pattern! Many were already happy with their first coat of purple polish. Just take a look at cute little Sophie showing off her painted thumb with the help of her mom, Justine.

Because there were so many layers to the chevron pattern, a super fast drying top coat called Seche Vite was used. And let me tell you now, this product is amazing! It seriously only takes less than a minute for your nails to completely dry; they look extra shiny too. And want to know how the chevron pattern is done? Quite simply, once the base layer is pained on, stick two reinforcements (yes, your good ol’ school supplies) to form a heart shape and polish on your second layer. I can’t speak for every stylish woman reading this post, but I for sure learned something new.

Did you miss the first workshop? The second and third series take place during the following dates and three workshops run daily from 11am, 1:30pm, and 4pm. All workshops are by donation to Beauty Night-Burnaby. Register at Customer Service for  workshops – you get swag bags, nail trivia, prizes and more!

  • July 6 & 7: “Geometric Chic”
  • July 13 & 14: “Pretty in Polka Dots”

PS. Upload a picture of your nail art to Twitter or Instagram for a chance to win a $100 gift card! Make sure to mention @metropolisatmet and the hashtag #metropolish to qualify.

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