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Holy Grails of Fashion: The Sweater Dress

Photo by Lance Holroyd

Photo by Lance Holroyd

Do you have specific fashion covets?  And when I say specific, I mean you have a very clear vision of what this particular item looks like in terms of fabric, cut, colour, etc, in addition to how it looks on your body and how it makes you feel like the Queen of the world?  And trying to find this very specific sartorial piece in the real world is an ongoing mission of indefinite time, and you’re not going to quit until it materializes because you’re just obsessively determined like that? I call these the Holy Grails of Fashion.

One of my many Grails has been the Sweater Dress.  Conceptually to me, this item is the perfect solution to winter dressing; the fuzzy counterpart to the breezy summer dress.  It is easy to wear and immediately stylish – just throw it on over your head, add a touch of bling around the neck, pull on knee high boots, and you’re set.  They’re also incredibly comfortable, made of knit, jersey, or cotton with a touch of lycra, which move with you.  Now the tricky part and what has made it to Holy Grail status for me is the fit.  I have a naturally somewhat athletic figure, ie. not fashion model-boyish, which means the dress needs to cling to certain bits but not to others without adding too much overall bulk to the torso.  Ideally it should be body skimming and create an hourglass shape.  The neckline shouldn’t be too tight, but wider with a flattering shape to offset my wide face.

This specific dress has not been easy to find by any means.  Over many years, I’ve settled for various not-quite-it versions which didn’t elevate me to Queen status.  Instead, I would find myself a bit insecure and fidgety in them, constantly tugging here and there to try and re-direct the clingy areas.  But I’ve never given up and always beeline to them whenever I make my shopping rounds.

Aurora sweater dress-2

Photo by Lance Holroyd

On one of these rounds in early fall I was perusing Front & Co. on Main Street, my go to destination for retail therapy, when I came upon this charcoal grey Rachel Roy bias cut cotton/viscose blend dress.  I tried it on and voila, had the Holy Grail of Sweater Dresses finally been found?  Flattering wide neckline, check.  Body skimming without too much bulk, check.  Current and slightly edgy with an uneven hem, but basically timeless in style and colour, check.  Sexy and yet still appropriate for the office, yes.  And finally, at the $35 consignment price, it was a closer.  Praise be to the Fashion Gods!

I have worn this dress several times to work and felt like the Queen of the office…except for the fact that after a few 8-hour days of wear, the knit started to loosen up and not spring back to its original shape, causing it to look increasingly baggy.  I’m hoping that drycleaning will do the trick to bring back the shape; otherwise, there’s always a return to the quest for the Holy Grail…

Words by Aurora Chan

Photo by Lance Holroyd

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Shiny Fuzzy Muddy 2013


The Shiny Fuzzy Muddy Collective formed in 2003 to collaborate in bringing their art to the people. The driving force and vision behind this artist-run, annual event comes from the group’s five core members, Laura McKibbonJanna HurtzigKari WooArleigh Wood and Frances Dickinson. Initially drawn to each other’s aesthetic sensibilities, they found great support and inspiration in their collaboration and so a decade later, the event lives happily on.

Shiny Fuzzy Muddy celebrates its 14th event and 10th year of operation, every year inviting new guest artists to exhibit and sell their work as part of the curated collection of talent. With new, innovative, and Canadian-made products, Shiny Fuzzy Muddy patrons can expect a number of different materials from its 27 vendors this year.

So what does Shiny Fuzzy Muddy mean? Shiny: Precious objects of adornment. Fuzzy: Warm garments to wrap your home and body in. Muddy: Clay moulded into contemporary forms for the kitchen and tabletop. Created as an antidote to large-scale craft fairs and an alternative to big-box-store, mass produced goods, the thoughtfully conceived Shiny Fuzzy Muddy Show aims to support and promote the brightest creative talents where art, craft and design intersect.


  • What | Shiny Fuzzy Muddy
  • When | Saturday December 14, 11am – 9pm and Sunday December 15, 10am – 7pm
  • Where | Heritage Hall, 3102 Main Street, Vancouver
  • Admission| FREE!

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Forsya Boutique Packs Up Shop & Moves Online

forsya logo

In addition to LARK’s last day on Main Street last Sunday, March 17th, diagonally across the street, Forsya‘s lease was up too. Located almost diagonally across from LARK, the cute local boutique and art gallery brought in many local artists to the lower part of Main Street, including fashion designers, jewelry designers, visual artists, and more. Style by Fire was one of the first to report Forsya’s opening, and I’m sad to see yet another local retailer go!

But the on a positive note, there seems to be a trend for Vancouver boutiques to move online after their lease ends. Owner, Julie Hebb, seems to be excited, as this was posted on Forsya’s Facebook status today: “Packing up the shop…moving to our new space…online shop is in progress… new spring arrivals… ITS ALL VERY EXCITING! Can’t wait to show you! AND its SUNNY! :)” Good luck to Julie with her online ventures! We look forward to seeing the Forsya’s online edition in April.

Here’s what’s posted on Forsya’s website:

There’s BIG PLANS for the future of Forsya!
With the inevitable ending of our lease and the growing of our in house label, we’ve decided to move Forsya Boutique exclusively online!
We’ve had many wonderful years here at our Main Street location and we owe it all to our wonderful devoted customers!
Although the boutique will now be exclusively online, we will still strive for the best customer service.  We will be very hands on to help you find the best fit.  Free alterations on all regular priced items will still be offered to everyone living in Vancouver, PLUS we will still offer personal alteration services on your own items.  Our studio and showroom will be available for you to set up personal shopping appointments, we will also cater to shopping nights, studio sales and we have plans for shows and pop shops in the future!
Forsya Online will still be carrying your favourite Canadian designers, plus we have a few new ideas up our sleeves that we will announce soon!
We will be transitioning over the next couple of months so stay tuned for more information!


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Nicole Bridger Opens Second Location in Vancouver

Nicole Bridger

Nicole Bridger opened doors to her second retail location this week in Vancouver. Taking over the former body politic location, you can find NB tucked in on 12th at Main St.

A grand opening party follows on Tuesday, December 11th from 6 – 9pm. A special offer of 25% off is valid from now until December 23rd (valid at both West 4th and the new Main St locations).

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