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Style SEEN: Jennyfleur Loves x Holly Boutique Pop-Up Opening

Jennyfleur x Holly-2

Jennifer Gray is holding her beloved Jennyfleur Loves boutique as a pop-up shop at Holly Boutique from Dec 17th – 31st. We were at the grand opening and got the chance to browse the racks ourselves, which included lots of goodies, some of my favourite items were by WILDFOX. You can see me try on an awesome pair of diva sunnies!

I asked Jennifer how the idea for a pop-up shop came about; turns out that Holly had the idea and emailed Jenny. They had actually never previously met but had heard of one another, but Holly knew about Jennifer’s boutique moving out of Yaletown. This was experimental on Holly’s part too, having owned Holly Boutique for 4 years, it was the first time her store hosted a pop-up shop.

But it works out for the two self-described easygoing shop owners. In the past they had carried a few of the same things and some of their loyal clientele shop at both boutiques. What a great match!

Check out both the Jennyfleur Loves pop-up shop and Holly’s own line of brands at Holly Boutique. Jennyfleur Loves will be there for your shopping convenience until December 31st.

Jennyfleur Loves x Holly Boutique-15

Jennyfleur Loves x Holly Boutique-19

Jennyfleur Loves x Holly Boutique-14

Jennyfleur Loves x Holly Boutique-20

Jennyfleur Loves x Holly Boutique-23

Photos by Aurora Chan & Miranda Sam

Words by Miranda Sam

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Jennyfleur Loves Pop Up Shop at Holly Boutique

Jennyfleur Loves Pop Up Shop

In late October, Jennyfleur Loves boutique left Yaletown to pursue other locations in Vancouver. Today Jennyfleur will be popping up in Gastown at Holly Boutique until December 31st. This will serve for a great testing ground to see how longtime fans and pedestrian traffic respond to the boutique’s stylings.

Come by on December 19th for the pop-up’s grand opening. There will be drinks, nail art, tasty treats, goodies and of course shopping discounts!


  • What | Jennyfleur Loves x Holly Boutique Pop-Up
  • When | December 17th – 31st (Grand Opening Dec 19th)
  • Where | Holly Boutique @ 215-332 Water St
  • Payment | Jennyfleur Loves will be taking credit cards and cash (no debit) and Holly Boutique will be taking both credit and debit

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Jennyfleur Loves Farewell Shopping Party

Jennyfleur Closing Party-6

Jennyfleur Loves is a women’s fashion boutique that’s called Yaletown home over the past three years.  Owners Jennifer Gray and Shaughnessey Chow-Domos have decided to bid farewell to Yaletown and look for new digs. In the meantime, customers can still get their shopping fix via their online store.

JL held one last shopping party on October 24th to mark the end of a chapter and the beginning of the next with wine and appetizers, as well as major slashing of prices on most items in the store.  Browsing its intimate interior, it is apparent that JL specializes in unique funky pieces that bring out the rocker in you.  My friend Shay Lhea and I immediately noticed a pair of denim shorts by the UK brand Bitching and Junkfood which was covered in black straps and included a modified garter.  How often does one come across shorts that have their own built-in lingerie-like detailing?

Jennyfleur Closing Party-10

Shay tried on a two-piece dress, also by the same UK brand, which made her look like a slinky million bucks, and what do you know, the print on it consisted of rows of Japanese yen bills.  I bought a silver bustier by Nameless Apparel for a steal deal which will be featured in a future post.

Sorry to see JL leave but looking forward to see it pop up again in a new location!

Photos + Words by Aurora Chan

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Jennyfleur Loves Says Goodbye to Yaletown

Jennyfleur Final Party

Must all good things come to an end? For Jennifer Gray, owner of Jennyfleur Loves boutique in Yaletown, not so much. She says, “We have not found another location that is suitable for us yet, so for now we will remain online. You may see us in the future ‘popping up.'” Being located within a building in Yaletown without a window to the street to attract foot traffic can be hard for any retailer. We wish Jennifer and her daughter Shaughnessey the best of luck finding another retail location – especially because we’ve only stopped by the lovely boutique once!


  • What | Jennyfleur Loves’ Last Shopping Party
  • Where | 110-1058 Mainland St
  • When | 5 – 9pm
  • Why | Drinks & in-store specials

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Eco Fashion Week 2013: The Scene

Team Sbf @ Eco Fashion Week

Team Sbf @ Eco Fashion Week

Although I have attended the sustainability seminars in the past 2 seasons, this was Style by Fire’s official first time attending the Eco Fashion Week runway shows. They were amazing, and so were all the fabulous fashion folks we met in between the shows. Of course, we always love seeing Marilyn Wilson, who’s always connecting us with the crowd, and we love her for that. We finally met Jennifer Gray, owner of Jennyfleur Loves boutique in Yaletown, and Nicolette Lang Anderson, aka NLA Stylist. Memorable moments include interviewing Tammy Joe, who debuted her first re-worked vintage collection, Young Oak, this season at EFW.

I love the production of EFW and all the eco-centric values it stands for, one of the things I do miss is running onto the runway right after the show to take pictures with everyone. I’m crossing my fingers that in a future season to come, us fashion brats will get that luxury. Until next time I’ll do my part by a) only buying things I love and will wear, b) keep the cash in Canada (difficult, but it must be done), and c) buy less to accomplish a goal (ie buy a nice down vest for work instead of buying a vast array of sweaters).

xo, Miranda

Photos by Aurora Chan

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