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Haute Heroes

Last Thursday, August 7th, the latest crop of fashion students at John Casablancas put on one haute show at The Modern (Gastown, Vancouver). The show hosted by renowned Vancouver designer, Jason Matlo. Paying tribute to the annual New York Metropolitan Ball, Haute Heroes featured a red carpet runway. Not only did the models change costumes in terms of clothing, so did they with accessorizing pieces: from punchy coloured eyeshadow + long lashes, they moved to sunglasses, then librarian glasses. Vancouver’s Project Runway Canada season one contestant, Carlie Wong, featured a much more wearable collection than what we usually see from her couture upbringing. Joanna Kulpa never fails to win us over with innovative yet not so in-your-face sustainable fashion (you honestly don’t notice it). Was SBF the only one thirsty for more at the end of the show? To say the least, the room was haute.

Carlie Wong

Featured Designers

Carlie Wong | Venetbrento | Porscia | Kulpa | NIXXI | Nicole Bridger | Emily Miller | CC1827 | Sunja Link | Dace | Jason Matlo

Photography by Budianto Nasrun


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