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Upcoming Events & Sales: Nicole Bridger, Jason Matlo, LYNNsteven

Nicole Bridger ‘Love Local’ Launch

Nicole Bridger will be hosting a variety of local brands from childrens wear to odor-nixing undergarments at her Kitsilano shop. The official launch happens tonight and the brands will be at the shop at least until Valentine’s Day for your shopping needs.


  • WHAT | Nicole Bridger’s Love Local Launch Party
  • WHERE | 2151 West 4th Ave
  • WHEN | Feb 6th @ 7:00 – 10:00pm
  • WHY | Get great gifts in time for Valentine’s Day!

Jason Matlo Sample Sale

Jason Matlo sample sale

One of our favourite designers, Jason Matlo,  is holding a sample sale this Friday and Saturday. Up to 80% off? Hell yeah!


  • WHAT | Jason Matlo sample sale
  • WHERE | 511 – 55 Water St
  • WHEN | Feb7th – 8th @ 10:00am – 6:00pm
  • WHY | Amazing designs at 80% off

Jason Matlo info via Nicolette’s blog

LYNNsteven Fall/Winter Sale

LYNNsteven sale
After heading over to the Jason Matlo sale, be sure to pop by LYNNsteven‘s fall/winter sale also in the Gastown neighborhood.


  • WHAT | LYNNsteven Fall/Winter 2013 Sale
  • WHERE | 225 Carrall St
  • WHEN | Feb 7th – 9th
  • WHY | Get a $5 gift card to The Coffee Bar to keep warm while you shop!

C. by Chelsea

c by chelsea sale


  • WHAT | C. by Chelsea sale
  • WHERE | 1834 West 4th Ave
  • WHY | Sale merchandise already 10 – 50% off – and you get an EXTRA 20% on top of that!

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Lords of Gastown Opens New Showroom

Nik Dean & Tyler Hazelwood

Nik Dean & Tyler Hazelwood

Local lifestyle apparel brand Lords of Gastown (LG) held a soft opening of their brand new showroom on January 30 and 31 in East Van, and Style by Fire was there to check it out.  I was aware of LG but their target market falls outside my usual circles so I wasn’t entirely sure what to expect when I ventured into their hidden lair.

Lords of Gastown-10

There was an intimate crowd of mostly guys in denim and black leather hanging out, chugging back beer and chatting on top of groovy tunes.  I felt like I had walked into someone’s house party.  Everyone turned around to look at me; it was obvious I was an outsider.  I introduced myself, and the next moment found myself being welcomed with open arms, my hand holding a pale ale, and being taken on a tour of the new digs.

Jill Kacic

Jill Kacic

The LG Compound is called a compound for good reason – the showroom is only one part of the space, and it seamlessly blends into the garage which is used to customize and repair motorcycles.  Right beside the garage is the production area with a screen printing machine and sewing machine where the Co-Designer/Head Seamstress Jill Kacic works.  Down the hallway from the showroom is a spacious bar and lounge area, as well as tattoo parlour.  It became clear that LG is about fostering the motorcycle lifestyle and community by building a one-stop home for its enthusiasts to socialize in and have both their personal style and that of their bikes taken care of.

Who are the Lords of Gastown?  Tyler Hazelwood and Nik Dean, both 34, are long-time friends and share a passion for motorcycles.  They both lived in Gastown and had their routine bars where they hung out on a regular basis, which is how they got the nickname Lords of Gastown.  As a joke, they started getting t-shirts made with this name emblazoned on them.  Before long, their friends also wanted to wear these t-shirts.  They started discussing clothes and what they wanted to see available to buy, which led to designing their signature ‘True OG’ jacket in 2009.  With the help of Kacic, they started producing this jacket which features leather sleeves, denim body and black patch on the back featuring the LG graphic.  Soon they started picking up vintage jackets and re-working them the LG way, sewing on patches and altering the sleeves, etc.  Their popularity grew rapidly, leading them to expand their repertoire of apparel to include hoodies, tank tops, toques, and vests.  They began collaborating with other brands and artists, including LA shoe brand Pskaufman with whom they co-produced a limited edition line of leather boots.  Hazelwood and Dean’s mothers have even jumped onboard to help with producing a side line of children’s wear with miniature versions of the adult apparel.

LG caught the eye of iconic motorcycle brand Harley Davidson, who has picked up the apparel line and now carries it in its Langley, Kamloops, and Edmonton dealerships, with plans to expand to eastern Canada and overseas.  The demand for stock and customized pieces has created the need for the LG Compound to showcase their products to potential buyers.  Kacic is now training a team of seamstresses to take over some of the production work.  What started out as a silly joke amongst drunken friends has grown into the beginnings of an empire – LG is a prime example of the ‘follow your passion and the money will follow’ school of thought.

Besides LG’s astuteness in tapping into a niche in the apparel market, it’s the team’s warm openness that impressed me.  These motorbiking aficionados are affable and laidback, care about aesthetics and design, and look stylish while cruising their Harleys around town.  They made me want to own a bike of my own just so I could hang out at their digs and talk shop with the boys.

The LG compound is located at 49 Dunlevy Avenue in East Van.  Their apparel can also be found locally at the Menu Skateboard Shop in Gastown, as well as online.

Words + Photos by Aurora Chan

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Be SCENE: Gastown Shop Hop Fall 2013


It’s that time of year again… for the Gastown Shop Hop! I haven’t been to a Shop Hop in a while, so maybe this year I’ll check it out and share with you any cool finds I come across. Hope you’ll get the chance to make it out! Even if it’s just to get out, explore local shops, and to give the retailers your support.

xo, Miranda


  • What | Gastown Shop Hop – Fall 2013 edition
  • When | Thursday, Oct 17
  • Where | Gastown boutiques
  • Why | Have fun and support local boutiques

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Will You Be Shop-Hopping Tonight?

Gastown Shop Hop Spring 2013

Gastown hosts their seasonal shop-hop tonight. Too bad I’ve got a family dinner. Otherwise, you bet your favourite bag I would’ve been cruising around Oak+Fort, LYNNsteven and the other stores!

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LYNNsteven Sale

LYNNsteven 2013 winter sale continues

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February 1, 2013 · 11:48 am

Best Brunch in Gastown: Catch 122

This is hands down one of my favourite places in Gastown. Everytime I think of Yaletown and Gastown, I can’t help it but images of fancy dining room + not so yummy eats inevitably pop up.

And then there’s Catch-122. So what’s the catch? Aside from the clever play on Joseph Heller’s Catch-22 (being located on 122 West Hastings St), there are none that I’ve noticed so far! The concept behind this Gastown is simple: comfort and amazing food, wicked coffee, daily fresh baked pastry, simple and delicious take home meals.

The couple next to us had ordered crepes and I couldn’t help but ask them which menu item they’d gotten. I ended up with the Chorizo Crepe (that had avocado, scrambled eggs, cheddar but substituted the chorizo for mushrooms… such my ordering habits :P) while my friend got the Lorraine Crepe that had black forest ham, mushrooms and béchamel sauce. I’ve had my share of Parisian crepes before, and this one was way up there with them!We also ordered a side of Gorgonzola Poutine. Don’t be tricked by its appearance; it’s presented with very little topping, but once you dig in, then comes all the good stuff.

The decor is pretty fabulous too. It’s got the exposed brick, a wooden bar that looks almost reclaimed, a semi-open kitchen concept, a barrel, and a wagon-style condiments table. It works the industrial look with exposed pipes. What I like about it is that it doesn’t exactly feel like a restaurant, but more so a cafe. It actually reminds me of San Francisco’s FOURBARREL Coffe with their wooden ceiling beams, mounted animal heads, and giant coffee roaster in the back.

If you’re shopping around for a new restaurant experience, I 100% recommend Catch-122. Can’t wait to go back for some steak frites!

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Haute Heroes

Last Thursday, August 7th, the latest crop of fashion students at John Casablancas put on one haute show at The Modern (Gastown, Vancouver). The show hosted by renowned Vancouver designer, Jason Matlo. Paying tribute to the annual New York Metropolitan Ball, Haute Heroes featured a red carpet runway. Not only did the models change costumes in terms of clothing, so did they with accessorizing pieces: from punchy coloured eyeshadow + long lashes, they moved to sunglasses, then librarian glasses. Vancouver’s Project Runway Canada season one contestant, Carlie Wong, featured a much more wearable collection than what we usually see from her couture upbringing. Joanna Kulpa never fails to win us over with innovative yet not so in-your-face sustainable fashion (you honestly don’t notice it). Was SBF the only one thirsty for more at the end of the show? To say the least, the room was haute.

Carlie Wong

Featured Designers

Carlie Wong | Venetbrento | Porscia | Kulpa | NIXXI | Nicole Bridger | Emily Miller | CC1827 | Sunja Link | Dace | Jason Matlo

Photography by Budianto Nasrun

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