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Gastown Shop Hop 2013 in Pictures

Oak + Fort

Everything was 20% off at Oak + Fort! If only I had noticed that my parking meter was NOT accepting cash, and I hadn’t accidentally gave it some coins, I definitely would have stayed longer to browse. When I got there the lineups to the cash were long, so you know shoppers were getting some great pieces at a great price.

Orling & Wu

This was actually my first time at Orling & Wu, and it makes me think: why haven’t I stopped by earlier? Sure, these designerly home accessories are out of my budget, but I find the colours and designs inspiring. Even if I don’t end up with any purchases, a girl can window shop, can’t she?


It was my first time at complexgeometries since the store had opened only 6 weeks ago. I was told the designer is Canadian, who works in New York, but has all the garments produced in Japan. I thought I had heard Ardene, a staff member, mention there was 50% off. It was 15%. Oh well! I’d love to come browse the store again. Most items are unisex, and actually looked great on the manager. I’ll have to do some more research into this brand later!


It was great seeing LYNNsteven owner, Nicole, again after all these years. I remember I was actually the first one to sign up for her newsletter. And now that I’m back into blogging, it’s great to reconnect. I tried on a Mackage jacket and blazer. The blazer was incredible, with pointed leather shoulders, carrying an edgy look (seen on Jenny in above photo) was originally four hundred something and marked down to $180. Too bad the sleeves were long! I’m a big believer in getting items you love 100%, so I’ll have to keep hunting. Thought I didn’t get a chance at the fitting room, SKOT Apparel’s Party Skirts were so colourful all lined up on a rack! I’ll have to see if they look that cute on myself someday.

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Be SCENE: Gastown Shop Hop Fall 2013


It’s that time of year again… for the Gastown Shop Hop! I haven’t been to a Shop Hop in a while, so maybe this year I’ll check it out and share with you any cool finds I come across. Hope you’ll get the chance to make it out! Even if it’s just to get out, explore local shops, and to give the retailers your support.

xo, Miranda


  • What | Gastown Shop Hop – Fall 2013 edition
  • When | Thursday, Oct 17
  • Where | Gastown boutiques
  • Why | Have fun and support local boutiques

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Will You Be Shop-Hopping Tonight?

Gastown Shop Hop Spring 2013

Gastown hosts their seasonal shop-hop tonight. Too bad I’ve got a family dinner. Otherwise, you bet your favourite bag I would’ve been cruising around Oak+Fort, LYNNsteven and the other stores!

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