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Style by Fire Dresses Mannequins at Dynamite


Sbf x Dynamite-VOTE-fb  Sbf x Dynamite-VOTE-insta

We’re part of Dynamite’s blogger mannequin contest, and right now we’re the runner-up! Head on over to Dynamite’s Facebook and Instagram pages to vote – you will have a chance to win a $100 gift card! (And we really hope the winner will be a Style by Fire reader.) Contest runs until Sunday, December 15th, 2013. Full contest details here.


This post was sponsored by Groupe Dynamite. All opinions are our own.

On December 6th, 2013, Aurora & I had the opportunity to play merchandiser for the night. We were invited to style 3 mannequins at Dynamite in the themes of Holiday, Work Party, and New Year’s Eve.

It was so much fun putting our styling skills to the test! In all honesty, the work of a visual merchandiser is hard work. It took us a while to come up with the concepts and to put together a cohesive collection while giving each look a distinct feel. Not to mention, lifting mannequins is tough stuff!

Without scrolling down any further, can you tell which mannequin represents which theme?


Look #1: New Year’s Eve – VOTE for this LOOK!

For New Year’s Eve, we immediately knew it was going to be a blinged out party dress, but to add a touch of edginess with a oxblood pleather jacket. The purple tones in the necklace gives the oxblood some continuity in the accessories, while the gold bracelets and sparkly gold wristlet added to the jazz. We also came prepared with a cat mask because we knew the Dynamite girl we were dressing the mannequin for has a fun personality, and was going to attend a fancy masquerade ball. Plus, who doesn’t like an extra roar to their outfit – right, Katy Perry?


Look #2: Holiday

The holiday look for our “Dynamite girl” had to be full of sass! She wears a black pleather midriff bustier top with shiny holiday shorts. But expect the unexpected from this girl – she pairs cutting edge with a toned down sweater that says “je ne sais quoi,” then finishes the look with nothing other than fur. Add in an oxblood coloured bag, and she’s ready to rock any holiday party! This was definitely one of the more challenging looks, as our intention was to break away from a traditional holiday look.


Look #3: Work Party

We wanted the second look to be classy enough for the office work party, but hot enough for the spontaneous after-party. We chose a one-piece halter pantsuit and threw over a white blazer to give the flowy pantsuit some corporate structure. A gold belt sitting nonchalantly at the hips gives her a more defined look. Adding to the black and white trend, she sports a light shawl tied to the side, and ties it all together with the pearly white and gold necklace. A small pop of leather on her cross-body purse gives personality to a monochrome outfit. If she coat checks her blazer and scarf, she’s ready to party all night!

It was an amazing experience for the two of us to dress Dynamite’s mannequins. And we’re honoured to have done this alongside 3 other bloggers: Toronto’s THISWASFOREVER, Montreal’s Ton Petite Look, and New York’s Viviere Bella. Good luck to everyone!

Instagram Love

Read about the full contest rules here.

Photos by: Aurora & Miranda

Words by: Miranda


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We had a Blast Hosting Dynamite’s Best Dressed Shopping Party!


This post was sponsored by Groupe Dynamite.

Yesterday night, Aurora & I had a fabulous time hosting the Dynamite Best Dressed shopping party at Metrotown! We got the chance to meet a lot of Dynamite shoppers, some who were shopping for their girlfriend’s birthday, some had a pre-paid shopping spree from their dad (jealous!), some were regular shoppers.

We got to try on the latest collection from Dynamite, and ended up with some fantastic pieces ourselves! Aurora got that sexy black & white damask dress that I also wanted (no more sz XS, too bad) along with a skir in this season’s hottest colour, oxblood, and couple of bling necklaces. I ended up with a bag full of black & white goodies – the printed skirt in the photo above, a black tank, shiny black leggings, and a b&w fashion sweater with the lettering “C’EST LA VIE.”

We had a great experience working with everyone at Dynamite! And thanks to everyone who followed our live Instgram, Twitter, and Facebook updates – you are all #DynamiteBestDressed!

Our Live Instagram Feed

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Sale Review: Front & Co Rummage Sale

Aurora in Betsey Johnson, from Front & Co Rummage Sale

I anticipate Front & Co.‘s annual Labour Day weekend rummage sale as much as Christmas…no wait, more so.  Who could blame me – my favourite go-to retail therapy destination with prices slashed at least 50% off = shopping heaven.  As always, I dressed very practically with sleeves rolled up, ready to dig deep into those clothes bins and knocking out any competitors in my way.

Not everything in the store gets rummaged; only the overrun items that never sold.  This means a lot of weird sizes and styles, but there are always gems to be found.  This year didn’t yield as large of a bounty as years past, but I did score a few cool pieces, including a pair of black leather cuffs for $8 each and a beige/black fitted skirt.  But the piece de resistance would have to be this classic Betsey Johnson flirty black dress for a steal at $15.  Easy to wear and perfect for a hot summer’s night or party.

358 days until the next rummage sale; so far away!

Words by Aurora Chan


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Dakota Group Spring Sample Sale 2013

Dakota Group Spring Sample Sale 2013 Dakota Group Spring Sample Sale 2013


Are we ready for the Dakota Group sample sale once again? I just hope there are lots of new PLV, Kelsi Dagger and Matiko. Looking forward to it as usual!

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Show Off: A Celebration of Hair Fashion

Show Off 2013 - 13

Words + images by Aurora Chan

Beauty Council‘s fourth annual Show Off event, a celebration of hair fashion, took place at the Vogue Theatre on March 25, 2013.  Sponsors such as L’Oreal, AG Hair and CityTV helped to make this fabulous event happen, partial proceeds of which were donated to the local charity Look Good Feel Better.  Renowned salons from across BC each had a chance to ‘show off’ their latest innovative hair designs.  The evening’s MC was Breakfast Television’s Dawn Chubai, who along with giving away a plethora of raffle prizes, announced that a total of $5000 was raised.  Way to go Beauty Council and all the supporters!

Show Off 2013 - 18
I had never been to a hair fashion show before and wasn’t sure what to expect.  What a spectacular and inspiring series of vignettes, with each salon showcasing how far the creative potential of hairstyling can really go.  Tonic Hair Salon’s story told of an epic battle amongst the different forces of nature, represented by elaborate corn braiding, coral reef-like tentacles and a dream weaver perched on top of the head.  Union Salons sent out a bevy of silver cyborgs with literally out-of-this-world hair structures.
Show Off 2013 - 9
L’Oreal Professionnel featured a fun retro 50’s musical dance number with corresponding retro updo’s with an updated twist.  Michael Levine Salons had white ethereal male creatures with prosthetic breasts and hair flowing out of various parts of their body come gliding out on roller skates.  You had to be there to see it.  The creativity showcased and joyous energy of the models were magnetic and refreshing.  The participants were asked to show off and show off they certainly did.

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Obakki: Social Change through Fashion and New Diffusion Line

Creative Mornings - Treana Peake

Having worked in fashion marketing a while ago, I was saddened to see how contrived the industry actually was. From a fashion lover’s perspective, we are enthralled by the inspirations designers use to create their beautiful collections. But from an insider’s perspective, sometimes those ‘inspirations’ are nothing more than an afterthought of a marketing strategy for packaging purposes.

I had the opportunity today to watch Treana Peake present at Creative Mornings hosted at W2. This woman’s humanitarian efforts through luxury label Obakki is far from contrived. Little known facts about her were revealed: she’s been to Africa over 20 times, and had to sell her car to finance her first trip. The Obakki FW 2012 collection was inspired by South Sudan, but Treana didn’t simply ‘exploit’ the people by taking beautiful images and getting inspiration for design. She also worked with a team of 5 South Sudanese models for the ’10 Pieces For Change’ collection campaign. As well, 100% of capsule collection profits (the signature red scarf) and any leftover net profits from Obakki go directly into humanitarian projects, such as building more than 300 wells in Africa to give areas of conflict access to water.

Obakki mood board FW 2012

And yes, when Obakki transitioned into more of a humanitarian than fashion brand, I was taken aback. Apprehensive and skeptical, I thought this was a bit awkward for a fashion brand: could this be some sort of social greenwashing? But having watched Treana speak passionately about WHY she does what she does, I feel that she is one of the most genuine business people out there. Even though it wasn’t an easy transition for her, it goes to show that there is room in this world for fashion to be kind.

For those of us who believe this is a truly inspiring movement for the fashion industry, but may not be able to afford that $500 Obakki jacket, don’t fret. Treana let word out that Obakki may be introducing a diffusion line of t-shirts, handbags, scarves, and accessories at a lower price point.

“Giving without expecting anything in return can help define the course of your life.” – Treana Peake @ Creative Mornings (quote via @mariecheungsays)

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Wanny Tang Summer Sale

Vancouverites, it’s sale season! Be sure to stop by Wanny Tang as a preview to Friday’s Annual Collaborative Sale hosted by Dace.

“The vision of the line is to give people versatility in creating a look that shows their individual personality, throughout a variety of social and physical activities.”

Current and Past Season Collections | Samples Fabrics Shoes | Women’s Clothing

Go During:

  • Tuesday, August 12: 11:00am – 6:00pm
  • Wednesday, August 13: 11:00am -6:00pm

Shop At: Inspirce Concepts Limited @ Unit L06 111 Smithe Street Vancouver

Contact: info@wannytang.com

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The Blubird has Arrived


Finally, Vancouver is getting its international contemporary retail fix!

Blubird arrives in the heart of Downtown Vancouver on August 15th. The new store concept is developed by the folks at Boboli, whose retail location on South Granville carries runway brands like Stella McCartney, Missoni, Valentino, and Etro to name a few.

It’s a relief to have an alternativeto Holt Renfrew where we can (window) shop for more commercial contemporary labels such as Marc by Marc Jacobs, Pucci, and M Missoni, J Brand, Moncler and more! And to really spoil us, Blubird will have a Stila Cosmetics Boutique, where we usually only find at Sephoras in the US.

Be there on opening weekend from Friday August 15th to the 17th to receive 20% off the entire selection of clothes, shoes, and accessories!

Friday: 10 – 8 pm | Saturday: 10 – 6 pm | Sunday: 12 – 6 pm

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The Annual Trademarked Sale

Artizia loves for us to take advantage of their $5 off sales. But being such a conglomerate in Vancouver, if you’ve got it (a crazed mainstream following) flaunt it!

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Fashion is a Collaborative Effort

You walk through the Garment District, on or about Fashion Ave in New York and look around… SAMPLE SALE signs galore! It needn’t be a particular season, the fashion economy is fueled with sales year round.

Here in Vancouver, we are much more appreciative of sales. Especially when we have the chance to get our hands on reasonably priced local designs. So mark your calendars! Check out the Annual Collaborative Sale by d a c e, known for their simple, classic and feminine touch. Head there early enough and maybe you’ll get a chance to grab something from last season timelessly relevant for the next.

Block social calendar: August 15th

Show up fashionably early: 11am – 8pm

Wear those new heels to: 201 – 343 Railway St

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