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The Scene at Vancouver Alternative Fashion Week 2013

Jacqueline Ryan as the ethereal host of VALT day 1: Utopia

Jacqueline Ryan as the ethereal host of VALT day 1: Utopia

VALT 2013-24

VALT 2013-28

Lead singer of Modern Limits

Pauline Lee, lead singer of Modern Limits

The display of Oculto Steam Masks

The display of Oculto Steam Masks

VALT 2013-20

Oculto Steam Mask designer Shay Lhea with a mysteriously masked VALT guest

VALT 2013-03

Dani Barnes of The Femstar Revolution (by The House of Barnes)

VALT 2013-25

VALT 2013-16

VALT’s founder, Kat Kozak!

Over the few days of VALT, a lot of fantastical, fun, beautiful, and dystopian styles happened on and off the runway. In this post, we bring you some of the best moments captured from the 2013 edition of Vancouver Alternative Fashion Week during artistic performances, music performances, and good ol’ behind the scenes fun.

We loved Jacqueline Ryan’s outfit by Shiverz Designs on Day 1 Utopia, performance artists who looked like they were tormented but done so beautifully, Pauline Lee, the daring lead singer of Modern Limits, Shay Lhea’s Oculto steam masks display, beautiful performances by The House of Barnes… and much more!

Can’t wait until the next edition of VALT. Because aren’t we lucky that Vancouver is alternative?

Photos by Aurora Chan

Words by Miranda Sam

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