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Gastown Boutiques Launch eCommerce Stores

Not sure if this a trend in Vancouver, but opening up an ecommerce store just before the impending holidays has been observed for a second year in a row. This time around, Gastown boutiques take the lead in the online retail scene.

One of a Few

one of a few online

The new One of a Few website officially launched on November 27th, 2013. The new site is a much simpler and cleaner departure from what I can remember of the former black background website. There  was very little information on it, and didn’t quite communicate the boutique’s personality too well.
one of a few estore

At the new One of a Few site, I’m captivated by the beautiful scrolling photography on the home page. Photographs of Repetto oxfords, cork jewelry, Lissu linens, and more create a very styling environment. Adding items to your cart is simple enough, and there are thumbnail images to remind you of what you’ve shopped.

One suggestion would be that the images of shoes should also have a side angle view. When scrolling through the footwear page, I would have easily bypassed the entire Rachel Comey line, had I not already known about her popular designs.

A very great start for One of a Few’s first ecommerce store, and I look forward to seeing more amazing brands.


cavalier shoppe
What we love about new Gastown jeweler, Cavalier, is that “a percentage of every piece sold goes towards a local charity.” And Cavalier is the only jewellery store in Canada to do this. And now you can shop and do good any time of the day, anywhere in the world with the launch of Keith Seabrook and Dave Stevens’ online shoppe.

I love the simplicity of the black and white website, with great product photgraphy. On the Designers’ page, there are short bios included to give shoppers context of the product they’re purchasing. Although there are product images on the Designers page, it would be nice if the shown products were linked to an ecommerce page so shoppers could directly add to their cart.

And on the ecommerce page, it would be great if shoppers didn’t have to click on a shopping cart to get to the detailed product page. Seeing that shopping cart increases my anxiety tenfold, thinking that I have to add it into my cart.

cavalier shoppe product

Not sure if this is a Shopify thing, but when I clicked into a product’s detailed page on my 11″ Macbook Air, half the length of the page was dedicated to the Cavalier logo. The image of the product wasn’t even above the fold! It’s little things like these that make a big impression to potential shoppers.

So far, so good at the Cavalier Shoppe. Can’t wait to see what exciting new lines, social initiatives, or ecommerce updates these guys have planned next.

Words by Miranda Sam

Photos: First One of a Few image taken via their Facebook page, first Cavalier image taken from their newsletter, the remaining are screenshots.

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Joe Fresh Launches eCommerce

Joe Fresh ecommerce launch

This news is about 2 weeks old, but we’ve been so busy with fashion weeks we haven’t had a chance to post. Now I love this Canadian brand, but as a petite-sized person, I find it quite difficult to predict how well things will fit at Joe Fresh. Sometimes size 0 is way too big, whereas sometimes size 2 is too tight. Not that I’m an online shopper to begin with, the ecommerce optimized site will at least be a great way for me to preview what’s in store. And the site is so clean, simple, and chic that it just might convince me otherwise.

Joe ecommerce-1

The website has nicely curated collections, as you can see on the image above. For each collection, each item is clickable, so it brings you to the item’s page.
Joe ecommerce-2

So I’ve clicked on the white shirt and now I get to see it on a model, and I like that because you can see how it looks like on a body. Just as how I believe that all menus should be visual menus, all ecommerce items should be modelled.
Joe ecommerce-3

Then as with most etailers, a selection of “you might also like” suggestions are made at the bottom of the page. Although I feel the algorithm should be programmed to show not the same shirt in different colours, but other items to match. I was expecting the statement necklace on the first page to be featured.

Joe ecommerce-4

Under the “WOMEN” tab, clothing is merchandised by colour – LOVE IT! Once in a while, an editorial image will show up to show you the black & white trend. A great feature of the site that keeps you focused is if you notice the nav bar on the image above, there are only options to click into other women’s categories, such as activewear, dresses or tops. You can access “MEN” or “BABY” only if you scroll back up to the top. Genius.

Joe ecommerce-5

Joe ecommerce-6
Joe ecommerce-7

Now I’ve made mention about Aritzia’s ecommerce site when it first launched, that I thought it looked too editorial to shop. But if you click on the editorial section of Joe Fresh’s site, called “What’s Fresh,” it brings you to a page with a lot of different trends and ideas delivered in a magazine-like format. You can check out what’s on Joe Mimran’s Desk, delve into the inspiration behind their Parisian collection, and see how they make black an exciting colour again.

Joe ecommerce-8
Joe ecommerce-9
Joe ecommerce-10

What’s great about this is that they’ve layered in direct shopping CTAs (call to actions) with these editorial picks connected with different social media outlets. You can see how “What’s on Joe’s Desk” editorial is linked to Pinterest, a lipstick section brings you to their Facebook page, and an editorial about minimalism sends you to a video on Vimeo.

As for the shipping and returns details, they’re pretty awesome too. Orders over $50 get free shipping, and if the order falls short than that, it’s an $8 flat rate delivered by Canada Post. Also, items are returnable or exchangeable at Joe Fresh brick & mortar locations.

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Aritzia Launches e-Commerce Today, Finally!

So Aritzia finally enters the e-commerce game! I spoke with an Aritzia district manager about this time last year, and she mentioned they had started work on e-comm.  No fret, many big and good changes are happening for the Vancouver-based company. Just over a week ago, they joined the ranks of Fifth Avenue, and today they became a part of Internet retailing. I’m sure so many Vancouver bloggers/fashionistas are kicking their high heels in joy. Now we can get our hands on any item remotely without having to go all the way out to… say Richmond Centre to pick it up.

From a purely consumer point of view, they do a good job with showing the product: front, side-angle, and back are displayed clearly for shoppers to see. Another standard, yet necessary point is that they show coordinating pieces. I also like the fact that the different colours an item comes in is photographed individually, not simply photoshopped in. I feel that I can trust the retailer more. They also do a great job at directly incorporating editorial trends into your shopping experience. So for the “Harvest Moon” collection/trend, suggested items include the ever-popular Wilfred Coccoon Wool Coat ($325).

As for some things I personally felt didn’t work quite well… I don’t really see a need to have the name of the item in large 48pt font, as it makes me feel a bit stupid as a consumer. Okay, I get it, that shirt has a name.

Content that drives Aritzia as a lifestyle brand is now categorized into a section called “The Magazine,” which seems much more organized that the previous site. The only thing is that their feature slider mixes up the text to each image. Oh well, not everything can be perfect on launch date!

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