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Nicole Bridger’s Male Model Cast Show was ‘Supposed to be a Mind F@#$’

Nicole Bridger

I am not alone. You are not alone. We are not alone. Connect. Trust. Surrender. Each one of us on the same journey. See. See beyond form to see truth. Choose to return to love. Love is our purest state. We are not alone. These are the haunting words that pre-ambled Nicole Bridger’s Fall/Winter 2013 Show hosted at Celebrities.

Once again, Nicole Bridger kicked off Eco-Fashion Week, this time with her Fall/Winter 2013 collection titled “You Are Not Alone.” The idea behind this collection is that we tend to see ourselves as separate from one another, when in reality, we are all connected in this world in many ways.┬áThe themes of her collections definitely show continuity from one season to the next, with previous collections called “Be,” “Kali” named after the Hindu goddess of time and change, and “Allowing Grace.”

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Though this time around, Bridger posed some thought-provoking questions about gender and beauty, and challenged societal norms to the audience when she sent an almost all-male cast of models walked down the runway. She blurred the lines with androgyny. “I was hoping that the audience would go through a journey where they’d witness themselves judging, then go ‘Why do I do that? Why do I judge that? Why can’t that be beautiful?,'” said Bridger.

From Nicole Bridger's Facebook page

From Nicole Bridger’s Facebook page

There came moments during the show where I was truly confused with the androgyny. I questioned the gender of a few models, and found myself focusing more on the models than what they were wearing. I was curious, so I asked Nicole whether she had hired an all-male cast. “I chose to put 3 girls in there just to f$#@ with your head a little bit more; it was supposed to be a bit of a mind f*$%,” she said.

Nicole Bridger-transition

The transitions between each look included a moment of connection between the models, whereby the model leaving the stage would extend a hand to connect with the next model through a palm-to-palm touch or a soft brush at the shoulder. The touching represented ‘I see you, I acknowledge you.’┬áHer “we are not alone” philosophy extends to a world greater than a fashion runway. She talked about how necessary it is to dissolve fear, figure what it is you truly are, allow that love in, and connect with one another in your truest being.

Congrats to Nicole on another great collection, and we can’t wait to see what the rest of Eco Fashion Week has in store for us!

Style by Fire TV

Catch the closing walk for Nicole Bridger’s “You Are Not Alone” FW2013 collection.

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Recap of Eco Fashion Week Seminars

I had to debate about going to EFW’s seminar series. Like yourself, I’ve only got 24 hours in a day and I was hoping to work on some other things and keep my Sunday lazy. But honestly, it was one of the best things that I could have done to further the learning I’ve done through BCIT’s SBL Program.

We didn’t dive into the details about LCAs or CSR plans, but what I found was similar to a fellow SBL-er classmate and friend of mine: I jumped with joy when I understood every term the speakers threw out there – closed-loop systems, zero waste, vertical integration, etc. I even knew the answers to some questions and felt confident to provide ideas to the discussion based on the research I’ve done on sustainable fashion throughout the year too.

So here are the highlights (aka my Coles notes version, quite literally) from the 5 seminars that kicked on EFW season 6:

  • Seminar 1: Facing the Issues
  • Seminar 2: Looking for Solutions
  • Seminar 3: Designer Challenges & Solutions
  • Seminar 4: Trends & Moving Towards the Future
  • Seminar 5: Rethinking Second-hand

I found a few recurring themes throughout the day…

– challenges of family life and running a business

– challenges/opportunities of Vancouver’s small industry


– limits of growth for small, local businesses

Interesting things I’ve learned:

– textiles will be part of the City of Vancouver’s recycling plan as of 2017! (from Wes Baker, de-brand)

– don’t use cotton thread with polyester – textile mixing not good for the recyclers and decomposers (also from Wes)

– modular design – it’s possible to design a piece of clothing worn 25+ ways as a shirt, dress, skirt, scarf, bag… (by Shannon Whitehead)

– trend: in popular culture, we’ll see nature to take on a sense of humour (by Carly Stojsic, WGSN)

– trend: we’ll be turning away from consumption and gravitating toward DIY (also by Carly)

– having more control of your fashion business via vertical integration allows you to make a bigger social difference (via Nicole Bridger)

– you CAN find Gucci, Balmain, Dior, Givenchy at Value Village! (a la Myriam Laroche, EFW founder)

Best Quotes of the Seminars:

“We hold our corporations accountable, but we don’t hold ourselves accountable.” – Jason Neve, Boardroom Eco Apparel

‘The good thing about my designs is that they’re never out of trend because they’re never on trend.’ – loosely quoted from Lincoln Heller, FiveLeft Leather

“Can I hack it in the industry and be who I am?” – Nicole Bridger

“I’m not going to do any good in the world if I don’t make money.” – Nicole Bridger

If you are at all interested in sustainability, I highly urge you to attend next season’s seminar series!

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