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Eco Fashion Week 2013: BHANA Design

After watching the BHANA show at Eco Fashion Week, we decided we wanted to get to know the brand a bit better. We bring you a Style by Fire exclusive interview with two-time Eco Fashion Week designer Trisha Rampersad of BHANA Design.

What does the name BHANA mean, and how does it influence your brand?

BHANA is my maternal grandfather’s last name. He was a well respected business man and had great personal style.  He was also a man of integrity and was known in the community for this. When I started my business it made sense to me that I should name my business after this great man. Because of this, integrity in my business and [in my personal life] has always been a strong foundation for all I do.

We love the theme of this collection, “Embracing the Goddess Within.” What tips do you have for people to embrace their higher being?

The answer is just, love.  Love yourself for all that you are. Accept what you see as short-comings and free yourself to love yourself and your surroundings. When you love yourself, you actually free yourself and you are able to be the best version of yourself. And if you always live in that personal greatness, then you are being your own god or goddess!

What kind of eco-friendly fabrics did you use for BHANA?

For this Summer 2014 collection we used light, airy type fabrics. There is organic cotton, silk, linen, and a hemp/silk blend.

You mention the collection was inspired by Vancouver’s blue skies and ocean breeze – was that the inspiration behind the shiny sateen-like fabrics? Tell us more about the choice of fabrics and colour palette.

It was really important that fabrication be light and breezy. I don’t like it when fabric becomes so heavy that its wearer becomes lost.  Clothing should always uplift it’s wearer and enhance the human spirit. That ‘shiny’ fabric was the hemp/silk blend I mentioned earlier.  It is such a luxurious fabric!

What’s in store for BHANA next? Will you present at EFW again?

Who knows what the future holds for BHANA in the way of fashion shows!  I would love to present on the EFW runway again. This is absolutely the best team I have worked with. You really feel the love for what they do. I would love to get some celebrity endorsements for BHANA, and as you know, we have an online shop:  www.bhana.ca. The future for BHANA is all about sales. Let’s hope people love embracing their inner goddess with BHANA!

Photos by Aurora Chan

Interview by Miranda Sam


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