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Style by Fire Dresses Mannequins at Dynamite


Sbf x Dynamite-VOTE-fb  Sbf x Dynamite-VOTE-insta

We’re part of Dynamite’s blogger mannequin contest, and right now we’re the runner-up! Head on over to Dynamite’s Facebook and Instagram pages to vote – you will have a chance to win a $100 gift card! (And we really hope the winner will be a Style by Fire reader.) Contest runs until Sunday, December 15th, 2013. Full contest details here.


This post was sponsored by Groupe Dynamite. All opinions are our own.

On December 6th, 2013, Aurora & I had the opportunity to play merchandiser for the night. We were invited to style 3 mannequins at Dynamite in the themes of Holiday, Work Party, and New Year’s Eve.

It was so much fun putting our styling skills to the test! In all honesty, the work of a visual merchandiser is hard work. It took us a while to come up with the concepts and to put together a cohesive collection while giving each look a distinct feel. Not to mention, lifting mannequins is tough stuff!

Without scrolling down any further, can you tell which mannequin represents which theme?


Look #1: New Year’s Eve – VOTE for this LOOK!

For New Year’s Eve, we immediately knew it was going to be a blinged out party dress, but to add a touch of edginess with a oxblood pleather jacket. The purple tones in the necklace gives the oxblood some continuity in the accessories, while the gold bracelets and sparkly gold wristlet added to the jazz. We also came prepared with a cat mask because we knew the Dynamite girl we were dressing the mannequin for has a fun personality, and was going to attend a fancy masquerade ball. Plus, who doesn’t like an extra roar to their outfit – right, Katy Perry?


Look #2: Holiday

The holiday look for our “Dynamite girl” had to be full of sass! She wears a black pleather midriff bustier top with shiny holiday shorts. But expect the unexpected from this girl – she pairs cutting edge with a toned down sweater that says “je ne sais quoi,” then finishes the look with nothing other than fur. Add in an oxblood coloured bag, and she’s ready to rock any holiday party! This was definitely one of the more challenging looks, as our intention was to break away from a traditional holiday look.


Look #3: Work Party

We wanted the second look to be classy enough for the office work party, but hot enough for the spontaneous after-party. We chose a one-piece halter pantsuit and threw over a white blazer to give the flowy pantsuit some corporate structure. A gold belt sitting nonchalantly at the hips gives her a more defined look. Adding to the black and white trend, she sports a light shawl tied to the side, and ties it all together with the pearly white and gold necklace. A small pop of leather on her cross-body purse gives personality to a monochrome outfit. If she coat checks her blazer and scarf, she’s ready to party all night!

It was an amazing experience for the two of us to dress Dynamite’s mannequins. And we’re honoured to have done this alongside 3 other bloggers: Toronto’s THISWASFOREVER, Montreal’s Ton Petite Look, and New York’s Viviere Bella. Good luck to everyone!

Instagram Love

Read about the full contest rules here.

Photos by: Aurora & Miranda

Words by: Miranda

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VOTE for Style by Fire in the Dynamite Blogger Contest!


Sbf x Dynamite-VOTE-fb    Sbf x Dynamite-VOTE-insta

Last week we styled 3 mannequins for the Dynamite blogger contest and our New Year’s Eve look (above) made the cut! If you love what you see, please give us a LIKE on both Dynamite’s Facebook and Instagram pages. You’ll get a chance to win a $100 gift card to Dynamite!

Not to mention, we’re up in the running against New York, Toronto, and Montreal. C’mon guys, let’s win it for Vancouver!


The contest runs from now until Saturday, December 15th, 2013. Read about the full contest rules here.

And you can check out all the entries by searching #DynBloggerStyle on Instagram.



Sbf x Dynamite-VOTE-fb    Sbf x Dynamite-VOTE-insta

Photos by: Aurora & Dynamite associate

Words by: Miranda

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Dynamite Blogger Style Challenge: Join Us in Dressing Dynamite Mannequins!


This post was sponsored by Groupe Dynamite.

Exciting news – Aurora & Miranda will be back at Dynamite this Friday!

This time around, we’ve been invited to dress 3 of Dynamite’s mannequins in the themes of Office Christmas Party, the Holidays, and New Year’s Eve. And why should you come by Dynamite this Friday night? Because not only will you get the chance to meet and chat with us, you’ll also have a chance to receive Dynamite’s new holiday Access Card (when you purchase for $50 or more) which gives you great rewards when purchasing cool Dynamite merch.

Plus, there’s also a CONTEST involved! Across Canada, 3 bloggers’ outfits will be selected by the Dynamite team as semi-finalists. If you vote between December 9th to 15th on Dynamite’s Facebook and Instagram pages, you’ll get a chance to receive a $100 gift card!



  • Date | Friday, December 6th, 2013
  • Time | 5:00 – 8:00pm
  • Location | Dynamite at Metropolis @ Metrotown
  • Why stop by | Chance to receive Dynamite’s new holiday Access Card!
  • Why vote | For a chance to win a $100 Dynamite gift card… and to support Style by Fire!
  • Social media hashtag | #DYNBloggers

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We had a Blast Hosting Dynamite’s Best Dressed Shopping Party!


This post was sponsored by Groupe Dynamite.

Yesterday night, Aurora & I had a fabulous time hosting the Dynamite Best Dressed shopping party at Metrotown! We got the chance to meet a lot of Dynamite shoppers, some who were shopping for their girlfriend’s birthday, some had a pre-paid shopping spree from their dad (jealous!), some were regular shoppers.

We got to try on the latest collection from Dynamite, and ended up with some fantastic pieces ourselves! Aurora got that sexy black & white damask dress that I also wanted (no more sz XS, too bad) along with a skir in this season’s hottest colour, oxblood, and couple of bling necklaces. I ended up with a bag full of black & white goodies – the printed skirt in the photo above, a black tank, shiny black leggings, and a b&w fashion sweater with the lettering “C’EST LA VIE.”

We had a great experience working with everyone at Dynamite! And thanks to everyone who followed our live Instgram, Twitter, and Facebook updates – you are all #DynamiteBestDressed!

Our Live Instagram Feed

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You’re Invited to Dynamite’s Best Dressed Party!

dynamite invite

This post was sponsored by Groupe Dynamite.

Hey guys! We’re so excited to announce that you are cordially invited to Dynamite’s “Best Dressed Party” this Thursday, November 7th! Of the hundreds of Dynamite locations in North America, only 50 stores will host a shopping event, and only 13 of those stores will feature a blogger-hosted shopping party. And yes, Aurora & I are honoured to be selected as the Vancouver fashion bloggers :) We’ll be in store giving our two cents on style.

dynamite invite3

The Best Dressed Party takes place at Metropolis at Metrotown, and it’s going to be a fun night for you. Receive 25% off your purchase, sweet treats, and if you spend more than $60, you’ll receive a complimentary gift bag filled with holiday goodies.

Come shop great fall trends, such as black and white, cropped tops, and oversized scarves. At the same time, spend some time chatting fashion with us and live tweet with us, because we’d love to meet all of you in person!


  • What | Dynamite’s Best Dressed Party
  • Where | Metropolis at Metrotown
  • When | November 7th, 2013 @ 5 – 9pm
  • Who | Featuring Aurora & Miranda!
  • Why | 25% off, free gift back with $60 purchase (includes fragrance, set of holiday coasters, and set of wine markers) and come hang out with us!

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Dynamite Rocks the Black & White Trend!

Dynamite Campaign

This post was sponsored by Groupe Dynamite. All opinions are my own. 

If there’s anything I LOVE more this season in fashion, it’s the black and white “trend.” I put the word, Trend, in scare quotes because to me it’s more like a way of life. It started a few years ago when I first started working in fashion, I bought a ruffled white shirt and a pair of black pants with oversized pockets one sunny autumn day I decided to drop $500 downtown. Immediately, I loved how these two tones provided such a stark contrast with one another. I had even went as far to theme my look that season after Beyonce’s “If I Were A Boy.” Fast forward to 2013, and I am loving all the black & white looks at Dynamite!

Growing up, this Canadian retailer was one of my favourite places to score unique pieces. As I browsed through the collection, I noticed that this season Dynamite really worked the black & white in interesting ways. Instead of going for the expected stripes or polka dots (both styles which I’ve stocked up on), many of their black & white pieces come in fabulous prints. I’m loving the circle brush strokes painted on scarves, the integrated damask design on the long-sleeve dress, and the casual Aztec design on the knit skirt.

To me, black and white represents a blank canvas, a solid foundation, and a launch pad to help your creative juices get flowing. Meticulously chosen colours in accessories, lipstick, shoes, or tights add dimension to the black & white still shot. I like how this season Dynamite has paired the two tones with toned-down neutrals as well as with a fiercer-looking shiny brown patterned fabric. It just shows you the range that a few key black and white pieces will bring to your wardrobe.

Psst… Dynamite’s online shopping launches in a couple of weeks. You heard it here first!

PS Something exciting is coming our way on November 7th… stay tuned for the big news!

Photos provided by Groupe Dynamite

Words by Miranda Sam

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We All Shopped ‘Til We Dropped with LOULOU Magazine at Metropolis!

The Metropolis atrium: Where the action was

The Metropolis atrium: Where the action was

Please note: This article was first posted on Metropolis at Metrotown’s blog. Thanks Metropolis for inviting me to the fabulous event. Check it out!

On Thursday, September 26th, LOULOU Shop ‘Til You Drop took place at Metropolis at Metrotown, and it was one of the mall’s biggest events ever! Over 70 retailers participated in this one-night-only shopping event, including Forever 21, H&M, Nike, Skoah, Bench, Geox, and more. According to a Metropolis marketing associate, there were approximately 700 guests in line for a swag bag before the event began!

Inside the main atrium court, there was a plethora of fun activities and free stuff, I had overheard many guests say that the lineup was long, but it was well worth the wait. Shoppers got the chance to sample lots of treats, check out different sweets at a candy bar, and pick up copies of LOULOU Magazine.

Miranda with loulou Magazine editor, Claude Laframboise

Miranda with LOULOU Magazine editor, Claude Laframboise

When I spoke with LOULOU Style Editor, Claude Laframboise, he said he’s done many events around Canada, but this one at Metropolis was the biggest one yet. He loved how energetic the shoppers were, and was genuinely impressed by the event.

The LOULOU Magazine closet

The LOULOU Magazine closet

Guests had the opportunity to check out the curated LOULOU closet. Many participated in the contest by taking a photo of themselves with their favourite item in the closet and Tweet it. Presentations by Claude Lafraomboise took place twice that evening, with guests attentively learning how they can create a fall wardrobe and best shop the event.

Kid Carson handing out Skinny Cow ice cream bars to guests

Kid Carson handing out Skinny Cow ice cream bars to guests

Kid Carson and SONiC Nation also broadcasted live on location. Between broadcasting duties, Kid Carson also helped hand out Skinny Cow ice cream bars to fans. What a great sport!

Sofia bought a sweater at Dynamite for 20% off!

Sofia bought a sweater at Dynamite for 20% off!

I met the lovely Sofia who happily showed me her latest purchase: a Dynamite knit cardigan that retailed at $44.90 with a 20% Shop ‘Til You Drop discount. She loved how it was so comfy and perfect for fall.

loulou editor's picks: fall boots!

LOULOU Editor’s Picks at Guess: fall boots!

At each Shop ‘Til You Drop participating retailer, there were tags on items indicating LOULOU Magazine’s Editor’s Picks. Some of my favourite Editor’s Picks at Guess? were these awesome black boots. And of course you can’t just have one! You need a pair of flat boots for everyday wear, and a lace-up pair with a heel for the weekend.

Shoppers Kama and Sima enjoyed the free swag

Shoppers Kama and Sima enjoyed the free swag

On my way to the other side of the mall, I met shoppers Kama and Sima. They loved the Skinny Cow ice cream sandwiches and were looking forward to open their gift with purchase.

Editor's Picks at Thomas Sabo

Editor’s Picks at Thomas Sabo

There was so much to be coveted at Thomas Sabo! This display of cute bow-tie accessories was my absolute favourite. Which girly girl wouldn’t love a pair of bow-tie earrings?!

Fashion bloggers Jordana and Sheila pick up some fall must-haves at oak + fort for 20% off

Fashion bloggers pick up some fall must-haves at Oak + Fort for 20% off

At Oak + Fort, I met fashion bloggers from JustJ.ca and MaddyLoves.com. Apparently we had been Twitter friends for the longest time, so it was nice to finally meet them in person! Jordana said she loved her cozy, new Oak + Fort sweater, and Sheila said she was really enjoying the event at Metropolis.

At the end of the night, after shoppers had gone around the mall with their official Shop ‘Til You Drop passport, and had collected at least 8 stamps from retailers, they entered their ballot in for a draw. Good luck to everyone who participated! The grand prize was a $1000 Metropolis at Metrotown gift card, and other prizes included $100 gift cards to Garage, GUESS?, Forever 21, SoftMoc, H&M and more.

As for myself, I did a little shopping myself. I couldn’t resist a pair of skinny pants from Jacob at 25% off, a pair of winter running tights from lululemon, and a sweater dress from Forever21.

What a great event – I can’t wait to Shop ‘Til I Drop next year!


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Guildford Town Centre’s Grand Opening Day

Guildford Opening Day-1

Was it worth the drive to Whalley? It sure was.  But from what I remember about Guildford the one time I drove all the way out there when Off the Wall was still popular was that it if it weren’t for one item I had on hold, I wouldn’t have spent the time.

After a $280m investment by Ivanhoe Cambridge, the new side of the mall does not remind you at all that you’re in Surrey. Retailers like Aritzia, Forever 21, H&M, RW&Co, Bootlegger, Browns, Town Shoes, Saje Natural Wellness, the Lego store and more bring their A game. You see glossy storefronts with well thought out merchandising displays. At times when I wandered from store to store, I quite honestly forgot about the product because I was so in awe with the theatrics of the boutiques.

According to one of the retailers, when the mall first opened in the morning they literally had to step back inside their store because the masses were racing down to Forever 21. On the east side of the mall, there was constantly a long lineup to what I only assume to be to enter your name into the $1000/week at Guildford for a year contest. With all this activity, I don’t doubt it was madness at Guildford today! When shoppers needed to take a break, the washrooms had a nice touch of scented moisturizers and mists from Saje Natural Wellness.

Though I really wanted that Sephora tote bag, I decided that what looked like a 30 minute minimum lineup was not worth the wait. Instead, I checked out The British Look, one of the few local retailers (well, local is debatable since they are British!). More to come in an upcoming post about the brand new store.

I’m not sure what the plans are for the older half of Guildford, but with the way Ivanhoe Cambridge is working on Oakridge and Metrotown, I’m sure they will be doing everything they can to bring that Metrotown shopper back to Surrey.

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