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A Fun and Skin Happy Night at Bare Essentials

Bare Essentials-3

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Tuesday evening the Style by Fire team had the opportunity to learn how to get ‘skin happy’ at Bare Essentials Skin Bar on Richards street. When I arrived I was greeted by friendly faces and industry experts. I then received a tour of the skin bar and browsed a variety of event perks, including food, wine, and even a photo booth! I was able to view products and speak to professionals, learning different ways to achieve ‘skin happy’ skin.

Bare Essentials-10

I was introduced to Shantelle Robb, a dermatology expert here in Vancouver. She taught me neat tips and tricks for my skin and introduced me to the skincare line Dermalogica. Upon asking about her biggest skin care advice, I was surprised with her response of “picking your skin’s favourite foods.” Shantelle went on to describe how certain foods are beneficial to specific skin types, “Pineapple is a great solution for oily skin because the enzymes exfoliate your skin from the inside out.” Most women (myself included), do not realize that good care of the inner skin will significantly increase the appearance of your outer skin.

Bare Essentials-12

After gaining insightful information from Shantelle, I had an opportunity to chat with Skye Lintott, who is not only a sales rep for PRIORI skin care, but a former member of The Real Housewives of Vancouver. She discussed her background in esthetics and skincare as well as her passion for ‘beautifying’ women. Her eyes lit up while talking about PRIORI, “I love working in the makeup industry because every woman loves to be beautiful.” Skye shared how easy it is to represent such an amazing brand. The products spoke for themselves as Skye was giving free mini treatments at the event.

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Cleverly named after cocktails and drinks, Bare Essentials’ services range from target treatments to de-stress & relax remedies. The most popular menu item? The Mai Tai facial which hydrates customers’ thirsty skin with ingredients that reveal dewy and fresh skin. Not only did I receive an awesome gift bag on the way out, the entire Style by Fire team left with knowledgeable insight we can apply on a day-to-day basis.

Thank you, Bare Essentials!

Words by DesireeAnne Holder

Photos by Aurora Chan

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Bare Essentials Skin Bar Opens Downtown

Bare Essentials storefront

Amy Sahota has been in the beauty industry for 6 years who used to do facials, skin rejuvenation, and the like. And when she found the perfect downtown location, she decided to do it right with Bare Essentials Skin Bar, also known as BE Skin Bar. The new beauty bar located at 790 Richards Street held its grand opening soiree on June 25th, 2013 and offers an extensive line of Dermalogica products.

Instead of following tradition of a quite sanctuary where communication is low, offering too many services of different lengths of time at different pricing, and encouraging purchasing of product without extensive education, Amy has changed the rules of the game. The bottom line is, “We basically want to promote skin health,” she says.

The store is a boutique style open concept space with the flexibility of adding more or fewer chairs as necessary. The added value of Bare Essentials really is the educational component. Amy says that she, “loves educating clients about skin.” She’ll dig deep to figure out what the root of your skin issues are are create a regimen to target your skin, especially what you should be doing at home once you’ve gotten your first facial. Skin is the largest organ in the body, and she compares taking care of skin the same way we take care of our physical health,”It’s like going to see a trainer once a month and not going to the gym afterwards for 29 days!”

Bare Essentials also makes it an easy choice for consumers: all services last 30 minutes and are priced at $45. The only difficult part is deciding between the 12 menu options (a Mai Tai is the solution for thirsty skin, the Screwdriver banishes blackheads and a Mudslide is a major deep clean to control oil and purify skin at the same time).

When asked how often someone needs to come in for a facial, we learned it actually depends on the skin type. On average, skin sheds every 28 days. However, as we age, it takes longer for dead skin to surface. So like any serious runner would get their shoes fitted properly, so should we when it comes to keeping our skin pure and glowing.

“Skin care is not a luxury, but a necessity,” says Amy, and that quintessential phrase has evolved into the philosophy underpinning her whole business.

The company also offers an on-the-go service called Bare Essentials On the Go. Meet a BE Skin Bar associate at a cafe and she’ll customize a skin plan for you and deliver products free of charge. Check out http://www.bareessentialsskinbar.com for more info.

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