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Cool New Pop-Up Store on Granville: LOFT 82

The LOFT 82 pop-up store just opened on Granville Street on November 22nd, a few doors down from Brandy Melville. The brand is sister our beloved Gastown mainstay, Oak + Fort, and is softer, more feminine, and very easy to integrate into your wardrobe.

Just the store itself is very comfortable to be in. You’re surrounded by amazing designs you’d expect at much higher price points. Sweaters can be found at around the $50 mark. For a local business, that’s almost unheard of. There’s a bit of gallery feel without being too stuffy, and there’s a touch of industrialism there too.

Large whitewashed trunks are piled up in the middle of the store to showcase petite pieces of jewelry. Along the sides of the store are rows of rolling racks. Start anywhere in the store and you’ll find perfectly draped pieces with just the right amount of detail. It’s the store perfectly positioned for fashionistas who want to shop local and look unique without spending a fortune. I used to say I could live in Club Monaco; now I’m pretty sure it’s LOFT 82/Oak + Fort.

According to the sales staff, the line started in 2010 at the same time Oak + Fort was launched. Both brands can be found at either stores. I should point out that the every popular and trendy cocoon jacket, which was originally on special order, can be found at either location.

The pop-up store is expected to only stay until mid-January – so get there soon! But sources say that they may stay until March… we’re crossing our fingers that that will be the case.


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