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Spotlight on the Designer: Nicole Guzzo Designs

Nicole Guzzo

I was fortunate enough to partake in a fashion shoot featuring five beautiful Asian models, which is how I was first introduced to Nicole Guzzo Designs (NGD).  What made this shoot extra memorable was the special guest star – a boa constrictor who acted as a sexy prop, entwining himself around us while we posed.  This was no ordinary boa either; he was a showbiz snake and an integral performance partner to his owner, an Alice Cooper impersonator.  Having a hard rockin’ snake around was very apt, considering Guzzo’s strong connection to music.

I had the opportunity to wear two NGD ensembles.  All of the pieces were about transforming me into a kickass rocker chick who is confident and flaunts her sexuality.  I particularly loved the bolero leather jacket with a gauzy bow hanging down the back – the leather was buttery soft and the streamlined cropped style kept it fresh and striking.

I met Guzzo again during VALT Fashion Week in November 2013 and thought it was prime time to feature her sexy designs.  I asked her a few questions, and she in turn let me take a peek into her world and what drives her creative mind.

Photographer Celina Lam |Photography Stylist Lily Li |Hair & Makeup Tiana Allinan | Model Alison Nichol

Photographer Celina Lam |Photography Stylist Lily Li |Hair & Makeup Tiana Allinan | Model Alison Nichol

Tell us a little bit about your background. How did you get into fashion design? Where were you trained?

Fashion has always been in my soul so I knew I had to make it my career. After graduating from high school, I completed my degree in Fashion Design & Technology from Kwantlen Polytechnic University in Richmond, BC.

Both Nicole Guzzo Designs and streetwear line REBEL UP represent a rock n’ roll lifestyle brand for those who wish to stand out and make a statement.  I have shown past collections in Vancouver Fashion WeekMen’s Fashion Week, as well as in various other shows around Vancouver.  My clothing sells worldwide from my online store; I also take custom orders through emails and studio appointments.

What is your design philosophy?

I love to push the boundaries of fashion and always urge people to go against the norm.  I believe style is all about being true to yourself and what you know, rather than blindly following what is “in.”

How would you describe your overall look/style.

The two R’s say it all – Rock and Roll!

Where do you derive your inspiration from?

Rock n’ Roll music is definitely my biggest inspiration, along with influences from high end fashion.   When I’m in my studio, music is constantly playing; some of my favourite bands include Aerosmith, Motley Crue, Guns n’ Roses, Led Zeppelin, Avenged Sevenfold, and Volbeat.  My biggest guilty pleasure (which really annoys my boyfriend) is Ed Sheeran!  I just love how calming his songs are.

If I had to choose one genre to listen to forever it would be 80’s rock ballads by bands like Whitesnake, Journey, Def Leppard, etc.

Nicole Guzzo-1

Who are your style icons?

There isn’t one person whose style I admire; rather I generally love the clothes worn by musicians from the 80’s and the groupies who were at their shows.  For example, Joan Jett, Nikki Sixx, and Cyndi Lauper all had badass personal style that was in your face and full of attitude.  They realized the importance of wardrobe and weren’t afraid to spend the time and money to develop a very distinctive style that oozed with sexuality.  I love that! 

Who has been one of your most exciting clients?

My most exciting clients are musicians in general, big or small.  When a musician wears my clothing onstage or in a music video it makes me so happy as that is where my clothing belong.

Canadian pop singer Elise Estrada is a big supporter and has worn my clothing in two of her music videos, along with the back-up dancers.  Fox Seeds winner Pigeon Park wore my designs from head to toe in their debut music video, “Lovelight.”  I created custom pieces for Taylor Momsen of The Pretty Reckless, and I am currently working on pieces for a couple of bands that will be touring with the Warped Tour this summer.

Is your clothing produced locally? Where are they sold?

All of my clothing is designed, drafted, and sewn by me in my studio.  My graphic streetwear line REBEL UP is also produced locally.  You can shop via my online store, or custom order pieces and have them fitted in my studio.  I also sell my clothing at various markets around Vancouver.

Nicole Guzzo-2

What’s up next for Nicole Guzzo Designs?

My Spring/Summer 2014 collection entitled “REBEL TRASH” is launching in March.  It is a perfect mix of 80’s glam, English punk, and modern rock.

I have been invited to reveal my SS 2014 collection in the monthly RAW Showcase taking place in Sydney, Australia – VERY exciting for me!

I have clothing in two music videos coming out this spring, one for Elise Estrada and one for Craig Smart.  I am currently choosing outfits and styling Melena Rounis and her three dancers for her choreography video set to Beyonce’s “Yonce.”

A REBEL UP streetwear look book was just shot and will be sent to retail stores around town for their consideration.

My second collection of leggings will also be premiering very soon.

Everyday something new happens which keeps my job very exciting!

Nicole Guzzo-5

Interview by Aurora Chan

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –


Photographer: Celina Lam Photography
Stylist: Lily Li
Hair & Makeup: Tiana Allinan


Photographer: Andrea Gurniak
Makeup: Nicole Friesen (
Model: Miss Morgane

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Barcelona Designer Nerea Lurgain Pops Up at Woo To See You

Nearea Lurgain-2

This past Saturday, February 1st was the only day that Nerea Lurgain made an appearance at the pop-up shop hosted at Woo To See You boutique, the sole Vancouver stockist of the Barcelona designer.

Nearea Lurgain-4

Nerea showed a sneak peek of her Spring/Summer 2014 collection. The designer is known for her looser-fitting garments with touches of detail that aren’t too subtle but don’t shout at onlookers either. In contrast to her dark Perthes inspired collection for Fall/Winter 2013, splashes of colour are featured this time around. The collection is made up of tie-dyed pieces in black overlaid with a brighter colour. The patterns range from exotic animal-inspired prints to what the designer calls Jackson Pollock-inspired abstract designs.

What struck me when I first visited Woo a few weeks ago was that every other piece I picked up was by Nerea Lurgain. There’s something unique about her designs that stand out to a shopper seeking interesting items. Take for example this high-low shirt in a passionate red: it has a zipper in the back allowing the shirt to be worn as a tighter or looser fit. With the zipper undone, the hardware adds interest to the back of the shirt. With it zipped up when I tried it on, even though it was very loose fitting on the bottom, the bust area felt nice and snug. If this shirt is any indication of Nerea’s design skills, I’d have to say she’s a master at engineering clothing for a woman’s body.

Nearea has been designing her eponymous label for 6 years, but before that she was a painter, teacher, and had even worked in finance. When asked whether it was a big jump for her from finance to fashion, she said it was quite natural. Nerea took sewing lessons at night while working with numbers in the day. Indeed, having a strong financial background helps any creative person in business.

In Barcelona, she sells her designs at a boutique in partnership with two other designers. They also carry an array of Spanish designers at the shop. You can also find her clothing in Denmark, Japan, and the Netherlands.

We can’t wait for the Nerea Lurgain collection to pop up for spring at Woo To See You!

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MITMUNK: Not Your Average Legging


The local print clothing company Mitmunk first came to my attention when I was invited to participate in a fun photoshoot to promote their leggings.  I had never seen leggings like this before – covered in brightly coloured prints of chainmail and armour, transforming the wearer into a modern day medieval action figure.  In other words, these leggings were super rad.


At the recent VALT Fashion Week in November 2013, I had the opportunity to meet the faces behind Mitmunk, Wayne Elliott and Heather Joan Tam.  Since I was unfortunately unable to attend their fashion show at the event, they invited me to visit their studio and check out the stock up close.


Their homey studio, situated in the industrial area of East Van, consisted of a small showroom out front with a large storage space in the back.  My friend Jenn and I were treated to a teacup of hot toddy, again a first for me.  Over this cozy bit of whiskey goodness, Wayne told us the story of Mitmunk.


After many years in the video gaming industry as an artist and 3-D renderer in both the UK and Vancouver, Wayne decided to change direction and spent some time assisting a local designer who used a colour dye sublimation printer to create her fashion garments.  It was this printing technique that sparked the idea to create his own pieces inspired by his background in video gaming.

The sublimation process first starts with the pattern being designed on the computer, after which it is printed life-size onto thick stock paper.  This paper and the fabric are then both run through a sublimation printer, the heat of which converts the dye on the paper to a gas which diffuses onto the fabric and solidifies.  Traditionally this method had been used to produce banners and cycling wear, but Wayne brought it into the fashion arena with the production of his first pair of ‘anatomical’ leggings (see photo) which highlighted the musculature of the human leg.  After this first prototype, he expanded his designs to include chainmail armour and eventually bionic leggings.

It was at this time that his life partner, Heather, herself a multidisciplinary artist, became his business partner as well.  Together they showcased their creations at the local Blim Market, but it was their debut fashion show at the inaugural VALT Fashion Week in 2012 which catapulted their presence and attracted a fan base.  Over the past year, they have expanded their product line to include tank tops, tank dresses, tube tops, boy shorts, and have plans to branch out into outerwear.  They first started producing about twelve pieces at a time, and have had to keep increasing their batch sizes multi-fold to meet the increasing demand.  For the foreseeable future, they intend to keep sales solely online, but do have select pieces available at Ayden Gallery in downtown Vancouver.

I tried on a few of their pieces, including one of the bionic tank dresses.  This was done with great apprehension – a bodycon dress made of 100% stretchy material with zero forgiveness?  I had fearful visions of looking like a sausage squeezed into a slightly too small encasing.  Once I had it on however, I was very pleasantly surprised.  Although form fitting, the material was just the right degree of elasticity that it held everything in without squeezing the excess bits out the armholes, while also being incredibly comfortable and lightweight.  Not only that, the bionic pattern was both very cool and cleverly slimming – using strategic colour blocking and lines, the dress literally drew a flattering silhouette, including a shapely butt.  What more do you want in a dress??

Mitmunk’s sense of aesthetic is an obvious favourite amongst the cosplay and nerd/alternative demographic, but it is clear that there is also a much broader potential into everyday street wear, workout and athletic attire, etc.  Wear one of these leggings to a yoga class and you’re sure to be the coolest kid in the room.  I only see a bright future for this burgeoning company and will enjoy watching Mitmunk’s rise to the top of the fashion heap.  And if you’re wondering where the name Mitmunk comes from, as a little boy, Wayne would call a monkey “mitmunk”.  How adorable is that?

Photos of the 3 models in leggings by Jeff Kew Photography

Individual model photos by GrindDown Photography

Style by Fire photos + words by Aurora Chan

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Romiélle and Olya Shishkina Private Sale


Anastacia Shorohov invited Style by Fire to attend a private sample sale featuring both Drama Queen’s boutique style selection of designer dresses and new Romiélle clothing line, as well as luxury leather outerwear line Olya Shishkina.  This was no ordinary sample sale; we were ushered into a fabulous $10 million house in West Vancouver overlooking the water.  Talk about a haute shopping experience!


Drama Queen is a local company owned by Anastacia and specializes in importing select designer dresses by top names in the industry, including Louis Vuitton, Cavalli, Kenzo, and Dolce&Gabbana.  This is the place to find one-of-a-kind garments at attractive prices.

Romielle Designs is a newly launched Canadian-based clothing line that specializes in boutique-styled couture pieces which combine both vintage and contemporary elements.  The team behind the brand is mother-daughter duo Irina and Anastacia Shorohov; the former relies upon her thirty years of tailoring experience while the latter does the designing.  They are excited to debut their new line at the next Vancouver Fashion Week Fall/Winter 2014 season.  The name Romiélle is a combination of Anastacia’s two daughters’ names and symbolizes the line’s dedication to the highest quality garments that are both classic and sophisticated.


Olya Shishkina is a line of luxury outerwear that uses a variety of fabrics such as leather, sheepskin, and metallics to create innovative shapes with intricate detailing.  Olya herself was at the sale and modeled a couple of her jackets for me, showing the many fine zipper detailing on the sleeves and back which allow for many variations as to how one could wear the jacket.  Her pieces can be found at the high end retailer Vetrina in downtown Vancouver.


We had a lovely afternoon admiring the beautiful clothes and chatting with the other guests, including the faces behind the well respected Canadian retail news blog, Retail Insider.  Thanks for the invite Anastacia and we’re excited to see the unveiling of Romielle!

Words + Photos by Aurora Chan

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Dynamite Blogger Style Challenge: Join Us in Dressing Dynamite Mannequins!


This post was sponsored by Groupe Dynamite.

Exciting news – Aurora & Miranda will be back at Dynamite this Friday!

This time around, we’ve been invited to dress 3 of Dynamite’s mannequins in the themes of Office Christmas Party, the Holidays, and New Year’s Eve. And why should you come by Dynamite this Friday night? Because not only will you get the chance to meet and chat with us, you’ll also have a chance to receive Dynamite’s new holiday Access Card (when you purchase for $50 or more) which gives you great rewards when purchasing cool Dynamite merch.

Plus, there’s also a CONTEST involved! Across Canada, 3 bloggers’ outfits will be selected by the Dynamite team as semi-finalists. If you vote between December 9th to 15th on Dynamite’s Facebook and Instagram pages, you’ll get a chance to receive a $100 gift card!



  • Date | Friday, December 6th, 2013
  • Time | 5:00 – 8:00pm
  • Location | Dynamite at Metropolis @ Metrotown
  • Why stop by | Chance to receive Dynamite’s new holiday Access Card!
  • Why vote | For a chance to win a $100 Dynamite gift card… and to support Style by Fire!
  • Social media hashtag | #DYNBloggers

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We Love L.A. Designer Onna Ehrlich’s Leather Handbags!

Onna Ehrlich-09

Miranda with L.A. handbag designer, Onna Ehrlich, & holding one of her faves, the Bianca Studded.

The Onna Ehrlich brand uses clean lines, carefully chosen hardware, and a variety of luxurious Italian leathers: wrinkled leather, pebbled leather, custom laser-cut leather, and embossed dotted leather, among others. Designer Onna Ehrlich describes her handbags having “classic, modern, Californian design.”

The collections are influenced by Onna’s father, architect Steven Ehrlich, and stay true to her unique global lifestyle: SoCal sophistication combined with her Nigerian heritage. Onna Ehrlich co-designs her eponymous label with her husband, Joe Bell. They met at the Art Center of Pasadena in Southern California and started the brand shortly after graduation.

One of Onna’s latest collections is called L.A. Luxe. What differentiates this line from her other handbags is that each L.A. Luxe piece is handmade and designed at Onna’s newly renovated loft space and factory in Inglewood, California. The price points are slightly higher, in about the $500 to $700 range instead of the $300 range, but it’s perfectly suited for the sustainably minded. It’s great for Californians who enjoy shopping locally, and as for us Vancouverites, it means we’re supporting production in North American.

The L.A. Luxe purse I immediately gravitated toward was, surprise surprise, the black & gold Bianca Studded clutch. It’s modern with just enough edge, and it’s blogger friendly too: it snugly fits a iPad!

Onna Ehrlich-03

My faves – Onna’s black leather handbags!

I asked Onna which purse was her favourite in the room. “It’s so hard!” she laughed. She thought about it for another second, and grabbed the Sasha – a black leather bag that has a fold-over top accented by a gold zipper. Onna said, “Because I’m traveling, it’s perfect, it fits everything I need.” The Sasha also has a top handle as well as a cross-body strap, adding practicality to style, especially when traveling.

“We have the Rachel bag, and a lot of the time, you’ll see returning people come back to buy it in different colours,” Onna said. And who are these customers? According to the brand’s Creative Consultant, Jill McDonald, these are smart, sensible professional women who are starved for time, but appreciate style and quality. That sounds like a description of Style by Fire readers!


Thanks to Onna for this lovely gift. I had been eyeing cognac leather goods for a while now, and the Bella Wallet is flawlessly made from pebbled cowhide leather. Though I already have a wallet, I couldn’t help but to start using this new one. With a handy 16 card slots available, I finally have a fabulous way of organizing my gift cards!

Onna Ehrlich-11

The event was hosted by the lovely Kim Appelt of Style by Kim, wearing Madame Moje

It was also great meeting the lovely Kim Appelt of Style by Kim, who hosted the event. The two had met when Kim visited Onna’s studio in LA a while back, and they hit it off immediately! At the party, they were discussing potential ideas to celebrate Onna’s 10th year in business.

Above are some of my favourite styles. Not only do I heart  this brand, so do celebrities: Onna Ehrlich bags have appeared in Hollywood movies, carried by stars incluidng Cameron Diaz, Halle Berry, Mila Kunis, and Eva Longoria. They’ve also been sold at high-end department stores such as Neiman Marcus, Nordstrom, and Henri Bendel.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –


Trust me, these are good quality handbags worth investing in. For you loyal Style by Fire readers, use the code:

LUV3013 for 30% off everything at Onna

Major bonus is that there’s free shipping to Canada!

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

Photos by Aurora Chan

Words by Miranda Sam

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7 Truths with VVHATIF Designer Aloysius Liew

VVHATIF by Aloysius Liew

I came across Aloysius Liew’s label, VVHATIF, at Vancouver Fashion Week, and he has since stood out to me as one of the ones to watch. I can’t get enough of his architectural designs and playful shapes.  Aloysius attended the prestigious Central Saint Martins, home to Matthew Williamson and Gareth Pugh. Shortly after enrolment, Liew was named the National finalist of the 2008 Triumph Inspirations Award in London, and was featured on one of my favourite blogs, Style Bubble. Liew has interned at Alexander McQueen Design studio as well as Viktor & Rolf Atelier in Amsterdam. Liew returned to Singapore in 2012 where he founded VV H A T I F, a conceptual fashion label for the experimentation of designs through hypotheses.

His first collection is called “The perimeter is.” True to his geometric style, the idea is that depending on the journey of a line, a shape is defined when its ends meet. The collection that experiments with just the use of lines, that upon joining the two ends, creates shapes or pattern that exhibits fluid geometries.

Just before I asked Aloysius the 7 questions, I was curious to know where his name was derived from. He says, “Aloysius is actually a self-given name when i was 10, after hearing it in class one day. I just fell in love with the name and decided it would be mine. I later found out its of german origins and means ‘fame’ and ‘war.’ My label VVHATIF, on the other hand, is the habitual instinct of my design process where I often doubt or hope to create.”

1. What was your experience like at Vancouver Fashion Week?

It was an indicative experience that made me want to share more of my work.

2. You mention you started designing at 19. Surely, you must have had previous sewing/illustration/art experience before that? Tell us about your early years.

During my childhood, I was heavily drowned into the world of cartoons. The unbounded world of cartoons became the trigger that led me to submerge myself into my own imaginary world and the only way I could illustrate my escapades in this world were through doodles and sketches. Everything else just followed through later on.

3. What inspired you to enter into the world of fashion design?

When i was 10, i would iron my own uniforms and prep myself for school in the early mornings. I remember I would fold them and press them, to mimic the fold lines when your parents would fold the garments for you. I think it was during this time where i already paid attention to how little details on a garment could express so much that led me to my interest in fashion.

VVHATIF by Aloysius Liew

4. How did you decide on starting your own label rather than working at a renowned brand?

I never really wanted my own label. I always dreamt that I would be a heroic fashion designer that would revive a dormant heritage fashion house. By chance, everything just kinda fell into place when fashion events and investors approached me and most importantly, I really felt like i wanted to have a voice of my own. It felt like i was at the very moment of my life where i should be taking a risk to do something heroic for myself

5. Who or what has had the biggest influence on your work ethic or design aesthetic to date?

It’s an instinctual feeling that responds to the movement in society. It’s like there’s an invisible movement happening around the world that unknowingly affects everything else that happens. And once you sees it and seize it, you create things that either rides with it or opposes it.

6. What is it about women that inspires you to design for them?

It’s the women who seek individualism and I could be a part of it.

7. The concept of VVHATIF is heavily based on experimentation. What is the biggest risk or most interesting question you have had to “hypothesize” through your designs?

There was never one question that was most interesting or risky. The questions are always interesting and easy to ask as it is limitless to the extend of questions you can ask. But it is the attempt to answer those questions and to realise the answers in the context of fashion that is truly interesting and risky sometimes. The answers are always unexpected and exciting. Even just asking “VVHATIF the seam moves 1 cm to the left” can be very interesting and very risky.

‘The perimeter is’ by VVHATIF is Aloysius’s first collection, and will only be available online at WWW.VVHATIF.COM. His average price point is between USD $140 for a pair of shorts to USD $350 for a more complicated jacket.

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VCC Fiat Mode XXVI: Student Grad Show Inspired by Traffic, Politics, Candy, Tron & more

Sophia Kim, Chloe Liu, Emily Kan

Sophia Kim, Chloe Liu, Emily Kan Cecilia Xiao, and Ginger Yu

A full spectrum of design philosophies were shown by the graduating class, with each student expressing a distinct voice and an inspirational element clearly interpreted in her work.

Henia Trylowsky was a highlight,  her choice to design the show’s only children’s wear line was refreshing.  Her inspiration, nature with a touch of romance, reflected well in her soft palette of dusty pink, blue grey, and brown.  Each outfit was both practical and elegant without resorting to adult-like stylings such as those worn by the line of Bratz fashion dolls.  The models looked like characters out of a modern fairytale.

Another highlight was Michelle Nguyen.  Through the use of silk jacquards, printed cotton, and wool suiting, she pieced together a cohesive collection of very wearable fun and funky causal ensembles.  This girl has range: we can imagine her work being sold at independent boutiques on Main Street or at more commercial bohemian-styel stores like Anthropologie.

One of the more conceptual collections was shown by Chloe Liu.  Her inspiration was candy and her models indeed looked like delectable frothy bonbons.  Definitely thinking outside of the regular clothing design box, each outfit could pass for a performance art piece.  Using fabrics like silk jacquard to construct bubble shapes and embellish the body with pompoms, bows, and flowers, the audience was transported to a magical land of rainbows and clouds made of cotton candy.  A true confection.

Words by Aurora Chan

I’ve seen my fair share of student grad shows since I started blogging at Style by Fire in 2008, and oftentimes you see how hard they’re trying, but something about the execution just isn’t right. That could have been the tailoring of the garments, the inexperienced models, or they run into technical difficulties. The VCC fashion design grad class showed their collection on Tuesday, Septemeber 25th, 2013. Though there was a minor glitch in the sound system, everything about the collections, designers, and the pride shared by everyone was very positive. Many made mention that their favourite moments of their program was taking fashion illustration class taught by the one and only Lisa Gellert.

The collections were neither too commercial nor too ambitiously esoteric; most had the right blend of concept and wearability. Silk was a popular fabric used by many students, though I was surprised by a ubiquitous use of clear vinyl in the collections. I thought Chin-yu Yu’s earthquake inspired collection was great, we liked the designs of the cut-out dresses and jackets. We also liked Zetta Han’s wearable sandy-coloured 2 piece ‘dress’ comprised of a trapeze top and equally flouncy skirt. One of the most compelling inspirations of the night was from Tannaz Fathi Zadeh. She was inspired by women’s situation in Iraq – how it’s changed over the years and how they have to fight for basic rights. She also used linen, nylon, polyester, and denim with great skill to craft her collection.

Fashion Director Sarah Murray did a fabulous job co-hosting the event, along with all the other staff at VCC. Congratulations to all the design students, we’re looking forward to seeing you produce your own lines!

Words by Miranda Sam
Photos by Aurora Chan


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Vancouver Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2014: Noe Bernacelli

Noe Bernacelli Ready-to-Wear

This one show in particular really struck a chord with Aurora & I, so I felt it deserved its own post. Peruvian designer Noe Bernacelli has shown his collections in Brazil and Paris, and now for the first time in North America, at the 4th day of Vancouver Fashion Week. He studied in Milan before returning to his native land to create his own line.  I was honoured to see his work. When the first few RTW looks came out, I silently mouthed “holy shit!” and I knew right then and there his clothing had re-inspired my love for fashion. Like many of my favourite designers, his work is wearable, has exquisite tailoring, and has great subtle detailing.

Noe Bernacelli Couture

You should have been there. Immediately when the first couture look came out, you could hear the photographers snapping a thousand times faster as the audience held their breath. It was look after look of sheer beauty; each hand-sewn gown surprised the audience how artistic something could be created with fabric, a few feathers, and shimmery appliqué.  As well as schooling in Milan, Noe had also done his specialization in Paris at the house of Chanel. He also seeks inspiration from the handcrafted nature of Peruvian arts. For his Spring/Summer 2014 couture collection, the pièce de résistance may have very well been the gown with a collared bodice and feathery skirt (#3 in the set of photos).

Meet the Designer

After the show, I just knew I had to speak with the young designer. I walked over to where he was sitting with his family, and introduced myself. He gave me a strange look, and mouthed a few words in a foreign language. Thankfully, someone came over and offered a quick language translation. The translator told me been doing this since 17, and now he’s only at the age of 26. Not that I was astonished of how young he was, but that he’s able to create such visionary, well-executed, and flawlessly cohesive collections. When asked will he be back at Vancouver Fashion Week next year, he says, “I hope so.” We sure hope so too.

Watch the Show


Honestly, just watch this short clip to see how beautifully his clothes flow, and how well they fit.

Photos by Aurora Chan | Words by Miranda Sam



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Fashion Innovation: World’s First Purse For Your Feet

I’ve been hearing a lot of buzz about Elizabeth Anne Shoes, the world’s first purse for your feet. The 28 year-old Vancouver entrepreneur patented interior pockets that fit smart phones, credit cards, house keys, and even passports to fit inside boots! The brand launched in 2012 and for 2013 she came up with an appropriately titled “Purse n Boots” line, including a walking boot, a cowboy boot, and a West Coast suede boot.

“I came up with the Purse n Boots concept when I would go out on the town with friends to dance” says Elizabeth. “I would never want to drag my purse around so I’d keep my cash, cell phone and credit cards in my boots. I’d end up at the end of the night with change by my feet and a lost cell phone! So I thought there must be a better way.” Now this is the type of innovation I’d like to see more of in fashion design: style and practicality.

According to Elizabeth Anne in a Facebook comment made on May 21st 2013, the shoes are “made in a top of the line factory (the same one the Fluevog used for some of their styles).” With so much functionality and quality, these boot are made for much more than just walkin’.

Elizabeth Anne Shoes are available online and offer a 365-day return policy.

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