Jennyfleur Loves Says Goodbye to Yaletown

Jennyfleur Final Party

Must all good things come to an end? For Jennifer Gray, owner of Jennyfleur Loves boutique in Yaletown, not so much. She says, “We have not found another location that is suitable for us yet, so for now we will remain online. You may see us in the future ‘popping up.'” Being located within a building in Yaletown without a window to the street to attract foot traffic can be hard for any retailer. We wish Jennifer and her daughter Shaughnessey the best of luck finding another retail location – especially because we’ve only stopped by the lovely boutique once!


  • What | Jennyfleur Loves’ Last Shopping Party
  • Where | 110-1058 Mainland St
  • When | 5 – 9pm
  • Why | Drinks & in-store specials

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