Best Brunch in Gastown: Catch 122

This is hands down one of my favourite places in Gastown. Everytime I think of Yaletown and Gastown, I can’t help it but images of fancy dining room + not so yummy eats inevitably pop up.

And then there’s Catch-122. So what’s the catch? Aside from the clever play on Joseph Heller’s Catch-22 (being located on 122 West Hastings St), there are none that I’ve noticed so far! The concept behind this Gastown is simple: comfort and amazing food, wicked coffee, daily fresh baked pastry, simple and delicious take home meals.

The couple next to us had ordered crepes and I couldn’t help but ask them which menu item they’d gotten. I ended up with the Chorizo Crepe (that had avocado, scrambled eggs, cheddar but substituted the chorizo for mushrooms… such my ordering habits :P) while my friend got the Lorraine Crepe that had black forest ham, mushrooms and béchamel sauce. I’ve had my share of Parisian crepes before, and this one was way up there with them!We also ordered a side of Gorgonzola Poutine. Don’t be tricked by its appearance; it’s presented with very little topping, but once you dig in, then comes all the good stuff.

The decor is pretty fabulous too. It’s got the exposed brick, a wooden bar that looks almost reclaimed, a semi-open kitchen concept, a barrel, and a wagon-style condiments table. It works the industrial look with exposed pipes. What I like about it is that it doesn’t exactly feel like a restaurant, but more so a cafe. It actually reminds me of San Francisco’s FOURBARREL Coffe with their wooden ceiling beams, mounted animal heads, and giant coffee roaster in the back.

If you’re shopping around for a new restaurant experience, I 100% recommend Catch-122. Can’t wait to go back for some steak frites!


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